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Take A Ride On The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad
Cedar Point is long been known for its amazing collection of world class roller coasters. However, it also sports a nice relaxing narrow-gauge passenger railroad as well! Opened In 1963, The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad is located at the top of the Main Midway and takes you to Frontiertown located in the back of the park. When you board in Frontiertown, heading back towards the Main Midway, you enter the fictitious town of "Boneville", which is populated entirely by those enjoying "the afterlife"! Yes, its all SKELETONS!!! Hence the name "Boneville"! The train offers constant service all day and you can ride between the Main Midway and Frontiertown and explore that area, or continue through Boneville then back to the Main Midway. All of the power on the CP&LE consists of antique narrow-gauge steam-powered locomotives and all of the train's coaches are the open-air type with the last car being handicap accessible. There can be one or two trains running, depending on the size of crowds. Special thanks to Cedar Point for the historical information on the locomotives. Included here is a photo essay of this very nice railroad located inside the best amusement park in the known universe! Enjoy!!!
CP&LE #44 - Judy K.: Built in 1923, this 2-4-0 (was originally built as an 0-4-0T) was built by the Vulcan Iron Works
of Wilkes-Barre, PA and was originally owned by John Marsh Inc. of Lansing, MI. Its original use is unknown.
CP&LE #22 - Myron H.: Built in 1922, this 2-4-0 (was originally built as an 0-4-0T) was also built by the Vulcan Iron Works
of Wilkes-Barre, PA and was originally owned by the Wayne Coal Company of Clay Bank, OH, used in coal mining.
CP&LE #3 - Albert: Built in 1910, this 2-6-0 was built by the Davenport Locomotive Works of Davenport, IA. It's original owner was
J.B. Levert, St. John Plantation of St. Martinville, LA and was used to transport sugarcane. This was one of the first two engines
on the CP&LE. It's now on static display in Frontiertown.
The Funway Station located at the top of the Main Midway.
Frontiertown Station, located near some great coasters!!!
Looking towards the front of the train just after departing Main Midway Station.
Looking back towards the coach yard. There were no coaches there today as both trains were running.
LEFT: That incredible 310ft first hill on Millennium Force! RIGHT: The awesome first hill on Maverick!
A private crossing behind Maverick complete with a shanty and a caboose. I wonder if
those guys hanging off that caboose live down the line in Boneville?
CP&LE Caboose #C-2341 just outside Frontiertown Station.
Just before arriving in Frontiertown, the elevated platform is the handicap accessible platform.
Some freight at the Frontiertown Station! Welcome to Frontiertown!
Now entering Boneville!!! For some reason, the population keeps "dropping"!!!
Lets see, we have the U.R. Dade Funeral Parlor along with Dirty Bill's Saloon & Café and the City Marshall's office!
The dude on the horse is an undertaker who works for the funeral parlor!
Anville & Steele Blacksmithing! To the left of the photo is one of their workers trying to work the water well.
It has a sign on it that says "Water" that is crossed out, underneath it, it says "Bone Dry"!!!
The Boneville Freight Depot. Someone should tell those two passengers that this train don't stop there!
Billy Bobs Sawz All Mill. Lots of interesting industry in this town!
Someone leave a boat here???
The Cedar Creek Mine Ride! It's a runaway mine train gone really haywire! Awesome ride!!!
Hawkins Refreshmentz! I'm Thirsty!!!
I love your daughter, please don't shoot!!!
New for 2010 is Shoot The Rapids, a water flume ride with the ever-present Millennium Force in the background!
Crossing over another bridge then going under Snake River Falls, another big flume ride!
There is also a crossing for accessing Shoot The Rapids in front of the train.
Another view of Shoot The Rapids! Those numbered stacks coming out of the water are water canons,
for a quarter, you can completely soak riders on Shoot The Rapids with the touch of a button!
One of the finest track gangs to ever work on the railroad!!!
OOPS!!! I think we have a problem here!
Mr. Possom And His Polecat Pickers!
The Red Eye Hotel & Saloon. Don't worry, the finest fire department in all of Boneville is here!
Finally McCoy Dry Goods and the county jail, hope you enjoyed your ride through Boneville!
Finally, the train rounds a bend out of Boneville, crosses the Main Midway and arrives back at the Funway Station.
Thanks for riding the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad!!!
Passing by the crossing providing access to Shoot The Rapids.
Arriving in Frontiertown!
Departing Funway Station bound for Frontiertown.