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Cedar Point Has Something For Everyone!!!
LEFT: One of Raptor's 6 inversions! RIGHT: Another view of Raptor, a ride that will give you the impression you are the pilot of an F-15!!!
There's no ride quite like Raptor! With its super-smooth steel track and your feet dangling, it provides an experience like no other!
LEFT: Power Tower, what an amazing ride and experience in the laws of physics! You can be shot up the ride's structure
from the ground or be raised to the top, get a million dollar view of the park, then be dropped for a few seconds of free-fall!
RIGHT: Wicked Twister will have you wondering which way is up after tackling its double-impulse coaster layout!
New For 2010 is Shoot The Rapids, a water flume ride on the Frontier Trail. The ride features water canons that for a quarter,
you can activate and get everyone on the ride soaked!!! It was already closed for the season due to it being a water ride,
and its not exactly 85 degrees anymore in mid/late October!
Another view of Shoot The Rapids in the foreground with Millennium Force in the background!

LEFT: The tower structure on Top Thrill Dragster, CP's 420ft tall Strata-Coaster. You'll want to keep riding over and over again!
RIGHT: One of the 4 inversions on Mantis, you ride standing up on this bug!!!

So the dead go fishing now, for dead fish no less!!!

Snake River Falls, another awesome flume ride! There is a 110% guarantee you will get SOAKED on this ride!!! This photo was
taken in May 2010, as it was also closed for the season when I visited in October but I wanted to show that tidal wave created
by the ride as its nothing short of unbelievable!!!

Snoopy gets his place in the sun! This was part of the HalloWeekends parade that
occurs every day during HalloWeekends and runs throughout the park!
Ocean Motion, a swinging boat ride, operated its final season at Cedar Point in 2010. Next year, CP's
new thrill ride "Windseeker" will be located here, I can't wait to get back here again in 2011!!!