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Idaho Railroad News Photos

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Idaho Railroad News Photos

"Photos from Idaho Territory and Beyond"

Photos from our staff and submissions from readers representing all of our area.

November 20, 2001.
A chance detour brought your photographer to the Boise Locomotive facility where a large line of shiny new switcher locomotives awaits delivery.

11/20 I think I counted a total of 28 units in the yard. Here is as many as would fit in the photo:


11/20 Up the street at Yanke's Machine Shop, the restoration of Sumpter Valley #100 is on hiatus for the season but it looks to be proceeding well:


December 29, 2001. The nicely painted red with gold pinstriping rolling stock of the New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railroad has made its new home in the I.N.G.N. hometown of Emmett. NO&GC was a steam and diesel powered tourist operation in Louisana owned by Rio Grande Pacific Corp., the parent company of Idaho Northern and Pacific. From comments of employees, it seems unlikely that the steam engine will come to Idaho.


12/29 This F-10 is known as a 'smoker': Oil buildup in the exhaust at idle makes it unpleasent on the passenger train with open cars (being covered in soot is maybe too much like the old steam days!) so the IN&P's regular motive power is currently being used on the Thunder Mountain Line. Rumor is that another F-10 is on its way to Idaho to take charge of the excursion. A closeup yeilds a more correct representation of the colors:


12/29 I have been wanting this old boxcar for a shop at the ranch for a long time. Its been sitting for years, probably in really bad shape. I don't care. My parents think I'm crazy, my wife thinks I'm crazy, my therepist thinks I'm crazy, maybe I am, I still want it:


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