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Cottonwood Hill Ranch Hobby Shop

The Cottonwood Hill Ranch Hobby Shop

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As a long time dreamer, I have always wanted to turn our little railroad station/fruit stand into a hobby shop too. It will likely be the worlds smallest as it is a whole 8x12 feet!

I have found some great deals and now have available the following NEW items:

Prices listed are DELIVERED (Parcel Post or UPS Ground) anywhere in Oregon or Idaho! I have tried to price these at LESS than any hobby shop in the west. Payment methods available: Check, Money Order or Paypal.



Updated August 5, 2003
In addition to the items below we have the following in stock:

Model Power HO-scale:

4-6-0 Santa Fe - $37.00
This 'train set' type loco is very detailed, but is tender wheel driven. Great kit-bash fodder.

Bahcmann HO scale:

GP-50 Southern - $39.00
8 wheel drive, kitbash possibilities for On30

Bachmann On30:

$18.00 each, discount available for more than one.

1 B&O Gondola
1 GN Gondola
2 Penn Boxcars
1 Undec Boxcar

O Scale Standard Gauge:

I am just getting back into standard gauge O scale after a long absence and it has been a lot of fun. Currently for sale:

1 Weaver undec 2-bay coal hopper kit $23.00
1 Athearn Boxcar, built with metal trucks and old dummy knuckle couplers $26.00

I am trying to find quantities of the old Atlas/Roco and AHM/Rivarossi lines from the early seventies to sell trainsets for beginners in O scale.

Bachmann G-gauge:

Piggyback flatcar - Undecorated (boxcar red car, silver truck trailer) $35.00

Plus lots of assorted HO and HOn3 stuff, no specific list yet, workin on it....

I am also working on selling built-up weathered and painted versions of the Bachmann mine shack and mine tunnel portal and also a complete diorama! Check back for more information.


Wireless Video Camera Kit
broadcast directly to your TV and VCR!
NEW In Original Box
List price $79.00
Our price delivered $47.00

Available in Blue, Purple and Green.
These are closeouts, get them while they last!

Complete kit includes:

Cool little video camera. I used one to make a video at the daycare of interviews with the kids. The quality is about the same as a webcam (no resolution is listed on the box), but the wireless 2.4 GHz connection makes it really a neat thing for the hobbiest. It has a built in microphone for sound. I chased the cats around the house with it and found 50 feet is the MAXIMUM range, and you must use a new alkaline battery for best reception.

Many possibilities for the hobbiest to make into a working monitoring system or baby monitor. I haven't taken one fully apart yet, but the camera circuitry looks like it is about 1-1/2" square and maybe the same depth, most of the body is empty, it could be put in a very small project box and placed anywhere!

Put it in a waterproof box and watch your driveway!
Connect it to your computer (my old Mac 6300 and many Mac A/V models have built-in analog A/V ports) and use it for a 24 hour recording surveliance system!
Take the circuitry out, mount it into your model train engine and photograph a trip around your layout!

Yes, it has been done- check out this page.




Bachmann G gauge Mine Train sets:
List price $93.00
Our Price Delivered $35.00

Out of stock at the moment, will be ordering more shortly

Set includes:

  • Four-wheel side-dump mining car (7.5 in. L x 4 in. W x 3.75 in. H) with four-point center sill pivot and metal tie-down chains
  • Mine shack with operating window shutter, tin-style roof, and simulated, rolled-canvas doorway cover
  • Mine head with shaft (7.6 in. L x .4 in. W x 5 in. H) with snap-fit assembly and simulated timber supports
  • G scale compatible

Additional figures and accessories shown are not included
Large Scale (runs on 45mm G-Scale track)
Model No: 92501
Warranty: 1 year - manufacturer

These are advertised as a mine train set, but the car is actually a one yard 'skip' not a mine car. These are the type used by the US Reclaimation Service in building the many dams in Idaho, including those around Lake Lowell and the Arrowrock Dam. See the book 'Log Trains of Southern Idaho' by Jim Wetherell for more information.

or call (208) 378-7666 (9 am to 9 pm US mountain standard time [GMT -0700] please)

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