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Railroad Video Captures

Railroad Video Captures

Here are some railroad video captures taken from various points in Wisconsin. All of these were taken from my JVC VHS-C camcorder. The dates and times of the recordings are stamped at the bottom of each picture.

If you wish to see vidcaps from a derailment in Kaukauna, go to Kaukauna Derailment Vidcaps.

A Canadian National train crosses under Hwy 10 east of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Central's Operation Lifesaver unit number 7638 at Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

The Boise Demonstrator Locomotive was at Stevens Point at the time of my railfan vist

A train led by GP40 #3018 makes its way on to the Valley Sub at Junction City, Wisconsin.

A coal train led by two CSX Dash-9 locos heads east to Stevens Point crossing the diamand at Junction City, Wisconsin.

Here is the Operation Lifesaver SD45 unit at Neenah, Wisconsin.

Train L25 approaching the County M crossing at lower Sherwood, Wisconsin.

Same train as above approaching Fire Lane 8 along the north shore of Lake Winnebago.

The 10th anniversary unit, GP40 #3027 was sitting at Shops.

The sesquicentennial unit, GP40 #3026 at Shops.

Norfolk and Southern #6510 on a train at Subway Rd. entering Shops West.

SD45 #6498 leads its train out of Shops West at Subway Rd.

Ex-Conrail #8386 at Shops. The front end was slightly damaged after a collision with a grader in Kaukauna.

A BNSF U-Boat #5016 at Shops.

SD35 #2500 was inside the locomotive shops. It is being repaired and rebuilt to SD39 specs after a major electrical fire.

FP45 #6655 was in the locomotive shop as well.

More Vidcaps......
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