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Kaukauna Derailment Vidcaps

Kaukauna Derailment 3/25/99

Here are some video captures from a Wisconsin Central train derailment which happened in Kaukauna, Wisconsin on March, 25, 1999. Nineteen cars came off the tracks. Hulcher worked long through the night to clean up the wreck. This video footage was taken around midnight after I got off from work.

GP35m #2056 was standing by to pick up rerailed cars.

Here, you can see the derailed boxcars and a bulkhead flatcar which has scattered its lumber all over the place.

Here is a closer shot of the scattered lumber within the wreck.

Hulcher works to rerail a bulkhead full of lumber.

GP35m #2056 pulls the rerailed lumber car to a small yard nearby.

A worker removes a set of wheel trucks from the wrecked mess.

Behind Hulchers trucks are some ballast hoppers scattered about. The cars were full before they derailed and ballast was dumped all over.

A worker moves a ballast hopper to the east of the wreck.

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