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Million Miles on Amtrak at La Plata, MO, Photo Travelogue By Dutch Myers



By Dutch Myers


            This is a photo travelogue from Pennsylvania to La Plata, Missouri for Chris Guenzler's celebration of a million miles traveled on Amtrak.  The journey was round trip on the same trains – the Pennsylvanian, the Capitol Limited and the Southwest Chief.

            Although this is a photo travelogue, some explanatory text is necessary.  However, I will keep it to a minimum.  Train photos from the same locations during the round trip are grouped together.  Due to nighttime traveling, some locations have no photographs.  The first section is on the Pennsylvanian from Harrisburg to Johnstown.  The few Pittsburgh photos are placed in the Capitol Limited photos from Pittsburgh to Chicago.  The Southwest Chief has photos from Chicago to La Plata, MO.  The last section contains the photos of the events in La Plata, Missouri for Chris Guenzler's Million Miles on Amtrak.  Tom and Kelly Marshall and Maria Snodgrass and the rest of the staff at the Depot Inn & Suites performed an outstanding job hosting the occasion.

            The Pennsylvanian left Harrisburg on time and kept the schedule all the way to Pittsburgh.  It passed Harrisburg International Airport, Norfolk Southern GI8 Yard, across the Rockville Bridge, through Lewistown, Huntingdon, Tyrone, Altoona, Johnstown, Latrobe, Greensburg and into Pittsburgh.  You will see quite a few pieces of track equipment doing work near Mifflin, PA.

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On The Pennsylvanian

            Harrisburg to Tyrone – photos 101 through 199

            Altoona – photos 200 through 223

            Altoona Horseshoe Curve – photos 224 through 251

            Johnstown – photos 252 through 264

On The Capitol Limited

            Pittsburgh – photos 265 though 269 (fellow travelers and Primanti's Restaurant)

            Capitol Ltd – photos 270 through 277 (morning photos South Bend and Gary IN)

            Chicago – photos 278 through 347 (A St. Louis High School Choir at the Navy

            Pier were very talented and notice the car for Amtrak Train Day on the last two


On The Southwest Chief

            Naperville, IL – photos 348 through 353

            Mendota, IL – photos 354 through 366

            Princeton, IL – photos 367 through 376

            Galesburg, IL – photos 377 through 379

            Fort Madison, IA – photos 380 through 389 (bridge crosses the Mississippi River)

In La Plata

            Depot Inn and Chris Guenzler Lookout – photos 390 through 414

            Meeting Chris Guenzler's Train – photos 415 through 445

            Silver Rails Event Center reception – photos 446 through 472

            Red Rooster Restaurant lunch – photos 473 through 482

            Tour – Train Party Building area – photos 483 through 499

            Tour – Santa Fe Lake & South Gifford – photos 500 through 510

            Tour – Chris Guenzler's Million Mile Lookout – photos 511 thru 534

            Silver Rails Center Dinner – photos 535 through 561

            Tour – St. Louis group – photos 562 through 568

            First to head home – photos 569 through 575

            Rainy Tuesday – photos 576 through 587

            Wednesday morning at RR – photos 588 through 591

            Wednesday at the Lookout 592

            Maria drives to the La Plata Station 593

            EB Southwest Chief arrives to head home – photos 594 through 597

            Chris Guenzler waves from the Lookout – photos 598 & 599

            Chris Guenzler and his Million Mile Lookout Bldg – photo 600

Extra Photos

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