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A look at some of the Lineside Features (both Large and Small) to be found
around the Turrella Tramway

A new platform seat at Luddenham (in 1:1 scale).
Sourced from the Local Council cleanup in a rotted condition, only the end irons could be salvaged. With technical assistance from "Brett the Builder" Pty Ltd. the seat slats and back board were replaced with hardwood, new feet with treated pine and half a litre of Vintage Green was applied liberally. The lettering was achieved by painting the back board in two coats of Classic Cream first, then, using Microsoft Publisher, a banner was made with the word LUDDENHAM in 350 sized font. The letters were individually cut out with a craft scalpel then clued on to the now dry cream with a standard paper clue stick. The now masked area was sprayed with Brunswick Green Gloss Enammel. Left for 20 minutes till touch dry the paper letters were peeled off quickly. Any left over paper or paper clue was cleaned off with a wet cloth