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Turrella Tramway - Rollingstock



With its close proximity to the NSWGR it is not surprising that the Turrella Tramway and its subsidiaries have relied upon its neighbour and its suppliers as a source for rollingstock.


Proto-type Photo History/ Description Turrella Tramway Portrait
Arriving with a load of coal this hopper has remained with Tramway to carry steaming coal from the depot to the coal stages for loco servicing.
B Truck
This private owner ballast wagon owes much of its design to a British heritage in the hauling of minerals and ballast gravel on the island of Sodor.
This composite passenger/ baggage carriage is similiar in design to the CCA car (photo left), used on local mixed traffic.

This all purpose, 4 wheeled covered van can trace its origins to the Arnotts Biscuit Factory at Strathfield NSW before its arrival on the mixed goods of the Tramway.

Similiar to the NSWGR LCH wagons these wooden, private colliery hoppers can trace their origins to the coalfields of the Hunter Valley in NSW.

This TRC Refrigerator van used to work out of the Nepean Milk Dairy in Penrith before being sold off to the Myrtleton Milk Co-Op.

Pensioned off from the PTC (NSWGR) this old refrigerator van was converted to what could be called a NSW version of a "box car" for general goods traffic.

S Truck
The most common of all NSWGR goods wagons several examples of this useful truck have found their way on to the Turrella Tramway after retirement.
Originally built for COC of Newnes this 4 wheeled tank car is now used by the Myrtleton Milk Co-Op for transporting whole milk to the city market.

Acquired after the closure of the Shale Oil Works at Newnes these ex-NSWGR wooden "D" Wagons are general purpose carriers some of which have been passed on to ownership by private companies which use the Tramway for the delivery of their products to market.

Still in its original silver livery this was the first of a number of ex NSWGR "Fridge" carriages to be purchases by the Tramway for transport of cool room produce.