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The following are photos of depots and structures that have been discussed on the list.  You can view the photo by clicking on the link.  Please be aware that these images are the property of the photographer and should not be downloaded for commercial purposes.

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Discussion and photo of North Shore (CNS&M) depots by Lou Van Winkle and LaVerne Brummel.

On December 2, 1999 Lou Van Winkle wrote...Last weekend I had a chance to visit the Byron Center, MI depot.  It was on an old Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (NYC) line running between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. The tracks were abandoned early in the Conrail era, in favor of the parallel former GR&I/Pennsy tracks a few miles to the east.  The depot was moved from its original location a few miles northeast. It sits out in a field awaiting restoration by the local historical society.

Inside the freight room, portions of the walls had long ago been whitewashed and "tagged" with names, dates, and other misc. graffiti.  Dates I could read all seemed to be from the early 1900's. What is this? Seems like I read somewhere, of a depot that had names of the former station agents written on the walls. Was this a common practice?

Steven Delibert replied...Our former Ulster & Delaware depot at Roxbury, NY, also has a lot of names written on the walls of the freight room, and we've identified one as a former agent.

On September 7, 1999 Louis Van Winkle wrote ... Another depot/water tower combination can be found in Grant, MI. Both were built by the Grand Rapids, Newaygo & Lake Shore RR in 1891. The water tower is said to be the last wooden railroad water tower in the state.  The depot has been a restaurant since 1979. The water tower had been used by the Grant fire dept. for filling its pumper/tank trucks. The tower has been drained because it was leaking badly. The city has a $20,000 grant to restore the tower, which will still be used for filling fire trucks.

On April 22, 1999 Gary Lapointe sent the following...My New Hampshire stations colleague Buddy Winiarz has reported to me that the McGinnis-era Boston & Maine passenger station in Concord, NH, has been demolished or moved. Though one is never happy to hear of the demise of a railroad building, this is not a great loss in aesthetic terms. The station itself replaced the great Bradford Lee Gilbert station that graced Concord for many years. I've attached pictures of both, a postcard of the old station, a photo of the one most recently gone.

On April 9, 1999 Louis Van Winkle posted this shot of a St. Charles, MO depot asking for more info.  Gordy Bjoraker responded ...St. Charles, MO was served by Wabash and MKT (Katy). I would guess that the restored station is a Katy depot, as N&W and Norfolk Southern usually tear down all their depots. Katy did not have enough money to tear anything down, thus preserving a lot of its depots until UP took over. Katy paralleled the Missouri River and Wabash crossed north of town on a bridge.  If the station is downtown and the orientation is parallel to the river,  then it is a Katy depot.  Louis responded that ...the depot is just behind downtown St. Charles.  Tracks are gone but used to run parallel to the river. Right of way is now a hiking/biking trail.

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