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Vintage Depots by Dan Minkus

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Vintage Depots

By Dan Minkus


lasalle_st4.jpg (27771 bytes) Chicago's LaSalle Street Station
cnw_algonquin_il.jpg (70576 bytes) C&NW Depots in Illinois 
gmo_cayuga_il.jpg (95126 bytes) GM&O Depots in Illinois
CO_Charlevoix_MI.jpg (65476 bytes) Lesser Known Michigan Depots - 2
NYC_Grosse_Ile_MI.jpg (53803 bytes) Lesser Known Michigan Depots - 1
NW_Roanoke_VA.jpg (62516 bytes) N&W Roanoke, VA
erie_main_st_buffalo_ny.jpg (101190 bytes) Erie Depots in Buffalo, NY
nycity_new_modelphoto.jpg (108019 bytes) Penn Station, NYC, NY
bo_e_salamanca.jpg (143094 bytes) East Salamanca, NY

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