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On December 14 Lou Van Winkle wrote...I just read Great Railroad Stations by John C. Dahl; Beverly Shores, Indiana, on the RSHS web site.

I have a correction to the last paragraph of his article. The North Shore Line had a number of identical depots and some that were mirror images. I think there were ten or twelve all together. Anyway the former Briergate Station in Highland Park, IL is still there, now occupied by a heating /ac contraction business. (Below is a) photo was taken in summer of '98.

Last week I had an email from someone living in Highland Park. Their home is nearly identical to the station there, but without the waiting room. I don't know if plans were prepared by the same architect, Arthur Gerber, or if it was a builders knock-off of a very attractive building.

(Below) is a photo of a home from Highland Park, IL.

In the late '70's I once rode the South Shore and saw what seemed to be a house, with a "patio" leading right up to the tracks. There was a couple sitting outside on lawn chairs and many planters full of flowers. Behind them, there was what looked like a sun room with big doors and windows along the whole wall.

Years later, I read an article on the Insull Spanish style stations that reminded me of that "house" and led me to go look for Beverly Shores and Lake Station. Wasn't that the station name?  I found Beverly Shores but Lake seemed to have been replaced by a big new station/admin. office.

LaVerne Brummel wrote...If I remember right, the other Insull Spanish depot was called Lakeshore, and it was located west of Michigan City, but not far from where Michigan City's street trackage began. When I saw it, in the early 1970's, Lakeshore was no longer a passenger stop, but was a residence. But the people living there left it looking like a depot, complete with the old waiting benches outside. The building seemed to be in good condition...perhaps this is what you saw. I don't know why the depot was torn down, unless they had a fire or something. I used to ride the South Shore often, and got on or off at the Beverly Shores depot several times. 


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