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July 29, 2012 | 223 project

During June and July, some improvements were made to the restoration shop. Jay Hudson, former Museum Board member and now restoration volunteer, decided that our crew restroom needed some sprucing up. It was a pretty miserable place. Since the 223 is a former D&RGW locomotive, Jay thought that a new paint job in the fashion of the yellow, gold and black striped color scheme of Rio Grande locomotives would be in order. Below is a photo of the results of his efforts. We feel this is a unique lavatory and we’ve been proud to show it off.

Jay did not rest on his laurels with the restroom project. He decided that our coffee mugs were in disarray. So he got together with crew member Lee Secrist and created a coffee bar made out of Lucin cutoff trestle wood that Jay was able to obtain. Below is the result of that effort.

Lee Secrist on the right shakes hands with Jay Hudson upon preseting their creation to the crew.