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#15 crosses over Ashwood Avenue. Photo taken by William S. Young. Collection of George Wankmueller.

#7, with Combine #11 and Coach #12, takes water at the Summit tank. 1915. Courtesy of Don Maxton.

Interchange: Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
(later Erie-Lackawanna, Conrail, NJT)
MP 7.09
Bridge: Broad Street MP 7.02
Switch Connection: Spur to Summit Station ~ MP 6.97 
Bridge: Morris Ave. MP 6.87
Bridge: Ashwood Ave. MP 6.73
Bridge: Russell Place MP 6.67
Station: East Summit MP 6.63
Springfield/Summit town line MP 6.33
Spur to Summit Station
Switch Connection: Mainline ~ MP 6.97
Station: Summit MP 7.10


Map of the railroad through Summit, 1906

In this circa 1906 view, Engine #4 plods along the RVRR's elevated mainline through Summit. Just down the tracks can be seen a large wooden trestle, the entire line through Summit was built this way. Large wooden trestles were constructed and eventually backfilled to give the RVRR its elevated main. In the foreground the bridge over Morris Avenue can be seen. Just down the tracks, in the gap in the wooden trestle, can be seen the bridge over Ashwood Avenue.


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