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Map 2E

Map 2E
Meisel Avenue


Map 2E


Bridge: Van Winkle's Brook MP 4.20
Grade Crossing: Meisel Avenue MP 4.05
Bridge: Rahway River MP 3.98 - 3.97
Springfield/Union town line MP 3.98


The Map 2E quadrant of the Rahway Valley Railroad covers the railroad in the vicinity of the Meisel Avenue grade crossing. The Rahway Valley Railroad was constructed through this portion in 1905. In 1915 the Chemical Company of America (CCofA), a producer of aniline dyes, photographic chemicals, and perfume synthetics, located in this portion. The CCofA plant included numerous buildings, an ash pile, and a settling pond. This secluded spot was only accessible by the railroad and a private access road, which included a single concrete bridge over Van Winkle’s Brook. The RV served the plant with a set of two sidings.

CCofA left this portion in the mid-1920’s and all traces of the plant were subsequently obliterated, buildings razed and sidings lifted. Track arrangements in this portion subsequently remained unchanged. Meisel Avenue was constructed through this portion c.1930 and a crossing at grade was made with the railroad. This crossing featured the only automatic flashers on the entire RV. This portion surrounding the railroad continued to change as the years went by: homes were constructed on the Union side of the Rahway River formerly occupied by the Battle Hill Golf Club, a football field and track was constructed in the spot formerly occupied by CCofA, a baseball/soccer field was constructed on the north side of the tracks between Meisel Avenue and Van Winkle’s Brook, and a flood control basin was constructed between Meisel Avenue and the Rahway River.

MAP 2E - 1923

Map drawn by Richard J. King 1/2014.


Aerial view from 1923. Courtesy of the Union Township HIstorical Society




Aerial view from 1930. All traces of the Chemical Company of America have been obliterated and Meisel Avenue has been constructed through this area.Courtesy of the NJDEP

MAP 2E - 1954

Map drawn by Richard J. King 1/2014.

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