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Map 3A

Map 3A
Liberty Avenue


Map 3A


Station: Katemiller
(later Arion)
MP ?
Grade Crossing: Liberty Avenue MP 3.51


The Map 3A quadrant of the Rahway Valley Railroad covers the railroad in the vicinity of the Liberty Avenue grade crossing. The Rahway Valley Railroad was constructed through this portion in 1905. At the time of the railroad's construction Liberty Avenue was known as Springfield Road.

A passenger station, known as Katemiller, was established here in 1905 but was later renamed Arion in 1907. Arion remains on tax records until as late as 1918.

The Battle Hill Golf Club was located in this portion until residential development began in the 1930's and 1940's.

Industrial development began in this portion in the 1950's and brought about the construction of Western Electric (telephone equipment) and Breeze Eastern (helicopter parts). Breeze, although it had a railroad siding, never was an RV shipper. The siding itself was never connected to the mainline.

Rahway Avenue, possibly named after the RV, was constructed between Liberty Avenue and Morris Avenue to allow further development in that portion.

MAP 3A - 1907


Map drawn by Richard J. King. 2/2014.

MAP 3A - 1956


Map drawn by Richard J. King. 2/2014.




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