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Van Winkle's Creek

Bridge: Van Winkle's Brook

Looking downstream. Notice the walkway under the bridge to the right. Photo taken by Bruce Trampler.

Looking towards Springfield Station and Mountain Avenue. The switch up ahead was for the only run-around (in later years) on the RVRR.Photo taken by Bruce Trampler.

Between Meisel Avenue and the Springfield Station the Rahway Valley Railroad made its crossing of Van Winkle's Brook (MP 4.20). The bridge is of the Deck Plate Girder type and still remains in place today. An interesting note about this bridge is that it is located between the athletic fields of Jonathan Dayton High School (Springfield, NJ). The fields lay on opposite sides of the creek as well as on opposite sides of the tracks. When the railroad was still active the High School students were not allowed to walk across the tracks. There was a walkway, complete with a railing and stairways, for students to cross underneath the bridge. 

The abutments for the Van Winkle's Creek Bridge were built to accomodate two tracks, as most of the bridge abutments on the RV were.

Wm. Wyer & Co.
Report on Rahway Valley Railroad
August 1944

Over Van Winkle Brook. One span deck plate girder bridge for one track. Span 4'-0". Length 35'-0". Condition Good.

See what the Van Winkle's Creek Bridge looks like today.

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