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Map 2D

Map 2D
Springfield Station


Map 2D


Culvert: Over Brook ~MP 4.50
Grade Crossing: Mountain Ave. MP 4.42
Station: Springfield MP 4.40
Bridge: Van Winkle's Brook MP 4.20


The Map 2D quadrant of the Rahway Valley Railroad covers the railroad in the vicinity of the Springfield Station on Mountain Avenue. The Rahway Valley Railroad was constructed through this portion in 1905. In the early days of the railroad Mountain Avenue was known as Westfield Avenue. The railroad constructed here a station building which was located about a half mile from the center of Springfield (corner of Mountain Ave. and Morris Ave.). After passenger service ceased in its entirety the Springfield Station served solely as a freight agency station. A freight house was also located here. Runaround and team tracks were located here. In 1909 a track scale was erected here to weigh cars coming from the stone quarries (Interstate and Commonwealth) up on the mountain. Union County Coal and Lumber Company (UCC&LCo) for many years was located here, originally locating opposite the street from the station. Coal pockets were located here. Later UCC&LCo moved to the property located behind the station and freight house. UCC&LCo erected a large warehouse and a lumber shed which was located along a spur into the property. Schaible Oil Company subsequently moved into the location earlier vacated by UCC&LCo.

MAP 2D - 1923


Map drawn by Richard J. King. 1/2014.

MAP 2D - 1947


Map drawn by Richard J. King. 1/2014.


Railroad Model Craftsman - Drawn by Warren Crater

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