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Mountain Ave.

Grade Crossing: Mountain Avenue

#17 and Caboose 102 roll across Mountain Avenue in this view. The siding up ahead of the engine was for Schaible Oil (now the site of the Springfield Fire Department). On the far right a switch stand can be seen, almost in the street. This switch was for the Springfield runaround track, used as a teamtrack. 1956. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

The Rahway Valley Railroad made a grade crossing of Mountain Avenue (MP 4.42) in Springfield. At the time of the railroad's construction this thorofare was known as Westfield Avenue. The grade crossing was directly adjacent to the Springfield Station and freight house. The crossing, like most on the Rahway Valley, was protected by two hand-painted crossbucks and a flagman. An interesting thing to note in photos of this crossing is the switch stand almost in the roadway. It is amazing a car or truck didn't take it out! The switch was for the Springfield runaround which was used more as a teamtrack.

Wm. Wyer & Co.
Report on Rahway Valley Railroad
August 1944

Mountain Ave., Springfield, N.J.

One track (main).

Plank crossing
Macadam road
Vehicular - Heavy
2 P.U. signs

#15 and Caboose 102 have just backed across Mountain Avenue after making a drop across the street. 1/6/1951.

On the rear of the UCTC Special, #17 rolls across Mountain Avenue in Springfield. Collection of Steve Lynch.

The UCTC Special rolls across Mountain Avenue and past the Springfield Station in this view. 6/15/1980. Photo taken by Carl Perelman.


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