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Engine 16

Rahway Valley Railroad #16

Type: B=B (70 tonner)
Builder: General Electric
Construction #: 30838
Year Built: 01/1951
Horsepower: 600
Engine: Cooper-Bessemer FWL-6T Prime Mover. Six cylinder
Weight: 140,000 lbs.
Notes: Purchased new in 1951 for $68,770.00.
Sold to Delaware Otsego Corp. 12/1986.
Removed from the RVRR in 1989 to work for the NYS&W.
Donated in 1995  to United Railway Historical Society.
On display at the Whippany Railway Museum in Whippany, NJ.


Engine #16 at Aldene. April 1972.
Photo by Paul Carpenito.

#16 , a GE 70-tonner, was the first diesel purchased by the Rahway Valley Railroad. After pondering his options, including Baldwin diesel switchers, George Clark placed the order for #16 at the end of 1950. The locomotive was churned out by General Electric's Erie, PA plant in January of 1951 and arrived via the DL&W on January 29th.

The locomotive arrived in dark red paint, with yellow striping and lettering. Eventually white safety markings were added to the sides. #16 would keep this paint scheme until around 1975, when Bernie Cahill had #17 repainted in their identical maroon and white paint schemes.

According to Bob Hoeft, #16 was not placed into service right away as George Clark and George Davis wanted to worked out some of the locomotive's idiosyncracies.

Davis had been put "in charge" of the new diesel, he even had to travel to Erie, PA to learn the 'ins and outs' of the new engine. According to correspondence between Clark and Davis, the locomotive was in service on the RVRR by the end of March, 1951. Apparently Clark was none-to-pleased about Engineer Froat's handling of the new engine (See letter from George Clark to George Davis dated 3/31/1951, page 1, page 2 )

With #16's arrival the RVRR's old steamers were essentially put out to pasture. #14 was immediately put on the chopping block, and was scrapped by the end of 1951. #13 was kept in service, but she was never really used again. #15 was kept on standby for a few years, for days that #16 received repairs.

#16 was joined by another GE-70 tonner, #17, on February 2, 1954. The last fire had been dropped on #15 in November, 1953 and the locomotive was subsequently sold in 1959, then after the RV was a diesel only line. 

Throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, these two little switch engines more than paid for themselves on the little Rahway Valley, hauling ton after ton of freight over the line. They even hauled a special passenger train to Baltusrol for the US Open in 1980 .

After the RVRR lost its liability insurance, operations over the railroad were assumed by the Delaware Otsego Corporation in April of 1986. The new operator went on to purchase the line that December. #16 and 17 went on to serve their new owner, on home rails, for a few more years.

By the end of 1989 #16, as well as #17, were removed from their old home to perform other duties for Delaware Otsego. Both #16 and 17 were subsequently donated to the United Railway Historical Society in 1995.

Today #16, as well as her sister #17, can be seen on display at the Whippany Railway Museum in Whippany, NJ.

See what Engine #16 looks like today.

#16 and Caboose 102 at Aldene on April 10, 1951, less than three months after the engine was delivered.

#16's General Electric Builder's Photo.

#16, not long after she first arrived on the RVRR.
Photo taken by William S. Young. Collection of Thomas T. Taber, III

#16 and Caboose 102 at Aldene. 4/1951.
Collection of John Dzioboko.

#16 and Caboose 102 roll past the Baltusrol Station on this warm summer's day in 1951.

#16 and Caboose 102 at the DL&W interchange.
Whippany Railway Museum Collection.

#16 in Kenilworth. Mid-1950's.

George Davis opens up #16 for some repairs. Collection of Patty Clark Gilbride.

#16 heading towards Kenilworth at Webster Ave. 5/1969.
Collection of Paul Carpenito.

#16 is seen here on the hind end of a Lehigh Valley freight in Bound Brook, after coming back from getting new wheels. Collection of Paul Carpenito.

#16 & 17 in the Kenilworth Yards.
Collection of Patty Clark Gilbride.

#16 approaches Springfield Station.
Photo taken by Corinne Clark.

#16 at Aldene. 9/1970.
Collection of Paul Carpenito.

#16 at Aldene. 10/1970.
Collection of Paul Carpenito.

#16. 7/15/1971.Collection of Frank Reilly.

#16 crossing Westfield Ave. 7/15/1971.
Collection of Frank Reilly.

#16. 7/15/1971.Collection of Frank Reilly.

#16. 7/15/1971. Collection of Frank Reilly.

#16 in Kenilworth.

#16 at Aldene. 11/1/1971.Collection of Paul Carpenito.

Kenilworth. Photo taken by Corinne Clark.

Up on the Maplewood Branch. Photo taken by Corinne Clark.

#16 at the Lehigh Valley interchange in Roselle Park.

#16 in Kenilworth.

#16 at the Lehigh Valley interchange in Roselle Park.

#16 at the Lehigh Valley interchange in Roselle Park.

#16 in Springfield. 5/1980. Photo by Frank Battito.

#16 pulling the UCTC Special. 6/1980.

#16 & 17 in Kenilworth. 6/1980.

#16 and 17 at Baltusrol. 6/1980 .

#16 at the Lehigh Valley interchange in Roselle Park. 4/1988.
Collection of Carl Perelman

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