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Rail Headquarters Capital of NJ

Rail Headquarters Capital of NJ
By Richard J. King (c) 2013

This observation coach is pictured here in Kenilworth on 1/11/1983.

The "Saint Lucie Sound" sits on the siding
beside the shops in Kenilworth. 3/3/1985.
Collection of Richard J. King

After Bernie Cahill came to the Rahway Valley Railroad in 1975 he was constantly looking for ways to make money for the railroad which was struggling more and more each year. One way that Cahill brought money to the RVRR was by leasing out track space to a rail car rebuilding service in the early 1980's.

This company that leased track space at the Rahway Valley Railroad's shops in Kenilworth was the Jersey Rail Car Services (JRCS). The JRCS operated in conjunction with the Atlantic Coast Rail Corporation (ACRC).

The JRCS employed five people and reportedly could rebuild an entire coach between six and twelve months. A number of vintage coaches, as witnessed through the many photographs that have emerged, passed through Kenilworth during their time with the JRCS people. As of yet, it is unknown when JRCS and ACRC companies left the Rahway Valley Railroad but they were present, at least for a few years, in Kenilworth during the 1980's. (Source: Kenilworth becomes 'rail headquarters capital of N.J.' by Stuart Awbrey, Cranford Chronicle, May 21, 1981)


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