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The Abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad

The Abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad

A track out of service sign at the corner of Market Street and Fairfield Street, a Rahway Valley Railroad grade crossing, in Kenilworth. Photo by Richard J. King.


The Rahway Valley Railroad has remained dormant since the last train made its way from Kenilworth to Aldene on April 21, 1992.

Today the Rahway Valley Railroad is still all around us. For those of us who live in the the old "Rahway Valley Territory," the towns of Roselle Park, Kenilworth, Union, Springfield, Summit, and Maplewood, we pass reminders of the railroad every day, you just have to know where to look. 

This section of the website is much less a section of sad, abandoned, and forlorn track, but more a section where people who live in this area can come and recognize what they have been looking at all along . . . And Realize The History Behind It!


The Sites and Relics Along the
Abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad





Roselle Park



Engine 15

Engines 16 & 17


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