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The Abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad



This stack of ties is located in the former Kenilworth Yards. They were removed from the roadbed as part of the attempted reactivation of the RV.
Photo taken by Richard J. King.

Former site of the Kenilworth Yards. 2013.
Photo taken by Richard J. King

Market Street crossing. 1/26/2013.
Photo taken by Richard J. King

Rails between Galloping Hill Golf Course and Michigan Avenue. 1/26/2013
Photo taken by Richard J. King.


Kenilworth/Union town line MP 2.74
"Tin Kettle Hill Grade"
(Galloping Hill Golf Course)
~MP 2.43 -
~MP 1.87
Switch Connection: Rahway River Branch MP 2.04

Kenilworth Yards

MP 1.82 -
MP 1.70
Grade Crossing: Boulevard MP 1.69
Grade Crossing: Clinton Ave.   (The "Kink") MP 1.59
Overpass: Garden State Parkway MP 1.37 -
MP 1.33
Switch Connection:Lehigh Valley Branch MP 1.19
Grade Crossing:Market Street MP 1.07
Grade Crossing:S. Michigan Avenue (flagstop) MP 0.89
Grade Crossing:Faitoute Avenue (flagstop) MP 0.85
Grade Crossing:W. Colfax Avenue MP 0.61
Roselle Park/Kenilworth town line MP 0.61
Rahway River Branch
(a.k.a. Can Branch, Monsanto Branch)
Switch Connection: Mainline MP 0
Grade Crossing:N. Michigan Ave. MP 0.09
Station: Warren Street MP ?
Grade Crossing: N. 22nd Street MP 0.20
Grade Crossing: N. 21st Street MP 0.25
Grade Crossing: N. 20th Street MP 0.30
Grade Crossing: N. 19th Street MP 0.35
Grade Crossing: N. 18th Street MP 0.40
Grade Crossing: N. 17th Street MP 0.45
Grade Crossing: N. 16th Street MP 0.50
Grade Crossing: N. 14th Street MP 0.60
Grade Crossing: Monroe Ave. MP 0.70
Grade Crossing: N. 12th Street MP 0.77
Grade Crossing: N. 10th Street MP 0.86
Grade Crossing: N. 8th Street MP 0.96
End of Track MP 1.042
Lehigh Valley Branch
Switch Connection: Mainline MP 0
Grade Crossing: Fairfield Ave. MP 0.11
Grade Crossing: W. Colfax Ave. MP 0.34
Roselle Park/Kenilworth town line MP 0.34



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