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Frank J. Froat


Name: Frank John Froat
Birth: February 26, 1898, Elizabeth, NJ
Death: December 8, 1981, Union, NJ
Residence(s): Rahway, NJ; Elizabeth, NJ;
Cranford, NJ; Garwood, NJ
Spouse: Alma Nemi

Dorothy Froat
William J. Froat
Thomas H. Froat

Parents: William T. Froat &
Lucinda Kidd
Date of Hire: 1934
End of Employment: 1971, retired
Positions Held: Engineer

Frank Froat, longtime Rahway Valley Railroad Engineer. L-R: Frank in the cab of one of the steamers. Collection of the Summit Public Library, Frank Froat c. 1964 Collection of Debbie Palmucci, and Frank Froat in the cab of #17 Collection of Jeff Jargosch.


Frank Froat peers out of the cab of #16 in the Kenilworth Yards. March 30, 1969.

Frank Froat in the cab of#17 in the Kenilworth Yards



Ol' Frank working the interchanges. In the view on the left, from June, 1968, Frank leans out from the cab of #17 as he guides his train into Aldene. In the view on the right, from October, 1969, Frank guides #17 out of the Lehigh Valley interchange. Photos from the Collection of Paul Carpenito.


Frank Froat
Collection of Patty Clark Gilbride.

Frank Froat's Obituary. Cranford Chronicle

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