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Engine 14

Rahway Valley Railroad #14

Type: 2-8-0 Consolidation
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Construction #: 26356
Year Built: 09/1905
Drivers: 50"
Cylinders: 20" x 26"
Weight: 74 tons
tractive Effort: 35,400 lbs.
Notes: Ex - Lehigh & New England RR #20.
Sold to Georgia Car & Locomotive 08/1929
Purchased 1929 for $6,563.00
Retired 1951 
Scrapped 12/1951



#14 tops the Tinkettle Hill grade, 1944. Photo taken by William S. Young.

Wm. Wyer & Co.
Report on Rahway Valley Railroad
August 1944


Builder Baldwin
Date Built 1905
Tractive Power, lbs. 35,400
Steam Pressure200 lbs.
Cylinders 20" x 26"
Driving Wheels 44" C, 3" tire
Engine Truck Wheels 29"
Reverse Gear Power
Tender Capacity, Water 6,000 gals.
Tender Capacity, Coal 8 tons
Total Weight of Locomotive 146,000 lbs.
Former Owner L&NE
Date Acquired by Rahway Valley 1929

The Rahway Valley's #14 was built for the Lehigh & New England Railroad by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in September, 1905 and was numbered as the L&NE's #20, a member of the L&NE's E-7 class. The other members were L&NE #18 (which was sold to the Bellefonte Central as their #15, and later became #15 of the Coudersport & Port Allegany) and L&NE #19 (which became Rahway Valley #13).

L&NE #20 was sold to locomotive rebuilder Georgia Car & Locomotive in August of 1928 which subsequently sold the engine to the Rahway Valley Railroad in 1929 where it was renumbered #14. Sister, L&NE #19, came to the Rahway Valley Railroad in June, 1928 and was renumbered #13 .

#13 and 14 were the workhorses on the line, and #15 (added to the roster in 1937) served simply as a backup to them. The two consolidations became the symbol of the Rahway Valley, and #14 worked reliably on the railroad for many, many years.

#14 finally lost out to new diesel power on January 29, 1951 when #16 arrived on the line and #14 was scrapped in December of that year.

#14 on the transfer table at the DL&W's Kingsland shops. The Rahway Valley would contract out major repair work on their locomotives to its connecting railroads, the CNJ, LV, and the DL&W. Collection of Don Maxton.

Click here to see #14 in action along the RV

Click here to see #14 pushing up grade towards Summit.
Collection of Jeff Jargosch.


#14 atAldene . 11/20/1933. Dave Keller archive.

#14 at Kenilworth. 9/1/1934. Courtesy of Don Maxton.

#14 in Kenilworth. 9/1935.

#14 out along the line, withL.C.L. on the pilot. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

It's #15's first day in service on the RV, but #14 is also under steam, a rarity on the RV. 8/28/1937.

Engine #14 backs off of the "Can Branch" with Brakeman Harry Williamson on the pilot, thumbing his nose at us. Collection of Patty Clark Gilbride.

#14 has arrived in Kenilworth after fulfilling the day's chores. The sun hangs low in the sky and gleams off of the locomotive's shiny coat. Collection of Thomas T. Taber, III.

#14 in Kenilworth. 7/4/1939.Photo by George E. Votava, Dave Keller archive.

#14 in Kenilworth. 7/4/1939.Photo by George E. Votava, Dave Keller archive.

#14 at Kenilworth. 9/12/1940

#14 is under steam on this warm Spring day, taking care of the freight chores. 5/18/1941

#14 at Kenilworth. 1940's.

#14 steaming along the line between Summit and Springfield. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

#14 at Kenilworth in 1942.

#14 in Kenilworth. 9/22/1945. Collection of Don Maxton.

#14 at Aldene. September 3, 1947. Collection of Richard J. King

#14 sits alongside the diesel shop, in the process of being dismantled. 10/28/1951. Photo taken by Edward Weber.


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