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Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions

(ex Central Western nee Canadian Northern)

Stettler, Alberta

Big Valley station looking as it once did at its peak complete with baggage wagons, Royal Mail letterbox etc.

Porcelain sign for CNR Telegraph and overseas cable service once used for urgent communication.

Wider view of area includes at right section house helping to support the wife's washing!
In the distance is preserved grain elevator along with rolling stock including two baggage cars.

Canadian Northern Society's van APXX 79146 acq.1992 (ex CN 79146 r/b 10/1957).
6747 acq. 1995 (nee CN m.u. trailer T-9) converted to dining car. CC&F 1952.
Canadian Northen Society's baggage cars in background 9006 and 9098 (ex AP nee CN acq. 1991).
NSC 4/1950 and 6/1953.

Alberta Wheat Pool Farmer Owned Co-Operative preserved grain elevator.
RMRS snowplow CN 55351 Acq. 2006 (nee CN 55351) Eastern Car Co. 1928
APXX 80946 water tank car.

APXX 1001 Glen Sutton Acq. 1990 (ex CWR 1920, ex work service CP 411293, ex 8 section - 4 double bedroom sleeper, Verdun, ex Virden, nee 10 compartment sleeper Glen Orchard). CC&F 8/1921.

APXX 2808 acq. 4/1991 (ex CN 61183 work, ex 7203 combine, ex 2808 Colonist sleeper,
nee CNoR 7258 Colonist sleeper). CC&F 3/1919.

5080 acq.1991 coach (ex CN 4993, nee CN 5080) CC&F 1924

6744 acq. 1995 (ex CN 6744 M.U. trailer, nee CN T-5) CC&F 1952

Note: 6740, 6741 also on roster as well as 6747 Val Royal photo far above.

Pretty small station for an operator handling train orders, telegrams and express as well as a waiting room!

APXX 80946 water auxiliary car complete with relocated rear headlight off the tender of 41.

APXX 6603 acq. 1991 (ex CN 6603) CC&F 4/1923

APXX 1002 Tracy acq. 11/1994 (ex CP 12-1 sleeper Tracy nee Solsgirth) CC&F/CPR 7/1931

APXX 5082 Lone Star Lounge car. acq. 1991 (ex CN 4995 nee 5082) CC&F 1924

Four above photos Wolf Kirchmeir 2005.

This view of 1118 clearly shows the pilot plow. August 7, 2017

APXX 1259 with a rag-tag consist. Big Valley 5/23/2006

Same train passing Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevator. Big Valley 5/23/2006

ex MNR (Mackenzie Northern) 434371 ex ENR ex CP 434371 and CN 79146 painted for Canadian Northern.
Big Valley 5/23/2006

AP Glen Sutton 1001 acq. 1990 (ex CWR 1920, ex CP 411293 Service, ex Verdun sleeper,
ex Virden sleeper, nee Compartment sleeper Glen Orchard.) CC&F/CPR 8/1921.
Caboose APXX 79146 (ex CN) later (above) lettered for CNOR.

APXX 1259 acq. 8/1993 (ex CN 1259) SW1200RS GMD A1031 1/1957 Big Valley 5/23/2006

Former Stettler Subdivision

Looking like a abandoned line being torn up it is in fact a major rebuilding of the former CNR Stettler Sub.
closed down by Central Western and now being fixed up for the Alberta Prairie Railway!

Two views 6/01/2013

1118 arriving with a big train at Big Valley! July 19, 2015 Colin Arnot

7438 with lengthy morning train southbound on the Stettler Sub. to Big Valley. June 28, 2015 Steve Arnot

Alberta Prairie 41 (ex Central Western 9, ex Mississippian 77). BLW 54266 12/1920
Getting ready for a sold out trip to Big Valley. Saturday, September 13, 2014
Two photos Keith Bowler

Mississippian Railway

Oil-fired. "Johnson Bar" reverser.



Stettler station 2005 W.Kirchmeir

Station, coach 6603 and covered hopper CNWX 101276 at Parrish & Heimbecker elevator. Stettler 8/1991

APXX 6603 ex CN 6603 Montreal commuter coach. CC&F 1923 Stettler 8/1991


The elevator was closed January 2, 2003 by Parrish & Heimbecker a fate suffered by hundreds of similar grain elevators all over the prairies. However, this was one of the few that was not destroyed. Instead it was acquired by a newly formed organization Stettler P&H Elevator Preservation Society. It has been continually restored over the years and remains as a symbol of the grain industry.



APXX 1118 (ex CWR 1118 ex CN 1118 nee CNR 1018) GMD-1 1200 hp GMD A1438 10/1958
Two views 7/12/2014

Built with A-1-A A-1-A trucks. Rebuilt 5/1983 with B-B Flexicoil trucks off GP9's renumbered 1118.
. Sold 1997 Canadian Railserve.

Baggage wagon on station platform. 7/12/2014
Note the sign advertising new CN Red, White and Blue fare structure.

Ex Conrail 7438 St.Thomas, ON October 1978

Rocky Mountain Rail Society

Note: CNR 6060 and many other pieces of equipment stored at AP shop in Warden.

CN 6060B spare tender. 6/01/2013

CP 404937 auxiliary cable car (ex 4225 baggage-express) CC&F 11/1948. 6/01/2013

RMAX 5209 (ex CN 5209) CC&F



Snowplow CN 55351 Acq. 2006 (nee CN 55351) Eastern Car Co. Trenton, NS. 1928
See photo above at Big Valley elevator.

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