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Lease units, demonstrators, rebuilders, dealers, etc.

See also: Railway Equipment Dealers and Brokers.
Contract shops, Lease units etc.

MLW 7008 demonstrating with CP dynamometer car 62 at Trois-Rivieres, QC. April 2, 1958
Rober Boisvert/Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle

RSD8 DL531 C-C 900 HP Alco 82837 2/1958

Note: Built as first of 10 unit export order to Paulista Railway in Brazil.
It was redirected to Canada and first demonstrated 3/1958 as 1735 on CNR.
(CNR's RSC13's were numbered 1700-1734)
Then 4/1958 on CPR as 7008 demonstrator series (7001-7009).
No orders came forth. 5/1958 became 909 Paulista Ry.

HELM Leasing

HLCX 6000 SD40M-3 equipped (c.1992) with Woodward Govenor Complete Locomotive Control system.
Leased/demonstrating on CP Belleville Sub. Ex SOO 6385 nee MILW 195. SD40-2 EMD 73687-14 5/1974

HLCX 6000 on CN in Battle Creek, MI. 5/11/1997

BRTX 2009 Brandt 1800 HP genset (John Deere three 6135H 600 HP) built all new. Brandt 2009.
Ljord, SK March 6, 2011 Tested/demonstrated on Stewart Southern.
Note: Long stored and returned to Brandt in Regina.

ABB X2000 demonstrator train from Sweden. Operated between Windsor-Toronto_Montreal and Quebec City.
Also, throughout much of the USA on Amtrak. Unfortunately, none were sold in North America.
Montreal 8/1993 P.A.Patenaude



Alco demonstrators

Bombardier demonstrators
see also CPR below




GMD demonstrators

GMD Feature article
Inc. EMD demonstrators in Canada.

MLW demonstrators

Precision National



Bombardier built four narrow gauge (3 foot) DL-535e C-C 1200 HP 25 mph M6123-01 to -04 7/1982
Built for British Yukon Ry. the Canadian portion of White Pass & Yukon Route.
Never delivered due to closure of entire White Pass operation.
112 and 113 sold 2/1991 to US Gypsum, Plaster City, CA
111 sold 1993 to USG following wreck of 113.
114 was finally delivered in 1995 following reopening of White Pass Route.
Montreal August 26, 1982

WP&YR 104 and 105 enroute at CPR Hochelaga Yard having been interchanged from CNR. 6/09/1969
DL-535E 1200 HP C-C MLW 6023-04, -05 5/1969

Note: Part of order 101-107. Second order (Blt. 12/1971) was 108-110.


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