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Precision National Corporation PNC

Formerly, Precision Engineering PECO

PECO 901 (ex CNW 901) leaser trails CP 4213. One of only 27 RS-27 2400 hp units built.
Alco 636-3 one of three demonstrator 636 models. CP Toronto Yard 6/05/1970 James A. Brown

CNW 900 one of four RS-27 DL-640 units acquired new. Alco 83601 3/1962 Schenectady Todd Greenberg

PECO 900 ex CNW 900 CPR Toronto Yard October 18, 1970 Doug Hately
Note the miniscule lettering PECO on hood.

PCCX 900 (ex PNC 900 also 901 acq. 9/1974) nee C&NW 900) Shawneetown, IL 6/20/1988 Pete Greischar
Peabody Coal Co. on Prairie Trunk (ex B&O) mine closed 1993 line abandoned. Rails later lifted.

PNC 901 mid-consist through Whitby 5/19/1974 James A. Brown

PNC 900

PNC 3634 acq. 1971 GP10 ex SP 3634 EMD GP9 22975 4/1957
Not a lot of leaser units got a nice paint job. This was one of them.


ex QNSL leasers



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