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Canadian Bellequip Ltd.

Bellequip was a short-lived leaser of diesel locomotives all of which were acquired 9/1971 from QNS&L.
Based in Montreal it was owned by some CPR officials. Major customer was the CPR itself!
The only other customer was the CNR. Most units were soon sold 2, 6/1972 to Precision National.

104 acq. 9/1971 first of 8 GP7's with leased B&O covered wagon. GMD A344 3/1952
Crossfield, AB 3/19/1972 Bob Loat/Bruce Chapman Collection

Note: All 20 (104-123) GP7's were upgraded 1955-56 to 1750 hp.

110 (with CP GP35) was sure used to winter before coming here!
Alyth shop track. 1/29/1972 Bob Loat/Bruce Chapman Collection

118 working as a single unit Walkey Yard, Ottawa 11/09/1971 Bruce Chapman

118 part of a second order for GP7's (12 units 112-123) GMD A414 6/1953
A long line of snow plows are ready for the upcoming winter!
Smiths Falls, ON 10/20/1971 Bruce Chapman

PNC ownership

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