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Canadian National Railways


Predecessor roads

Canada Atlantic

CAR Elgin Street roundhouse, Ottawa under construction 1882.

House (2 1/2 storey) converted to Mechanical Offices.
West side of canal and new CAR bridge.

Library and Archives Canada PA 205956
Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy.

4 Casselman acq.1882 ex QMO&O 36

The roundhouse was expanded 12/1887 from 5 to 7 stalls as seen here.
It was destroyed by fire August 11, 1899.

A new 36 stall roundhouse in Ottawa East (Archville) on east side of canal was in use by late 1895.
The original one shown here was then being used for storage. No locomotives.

Tracks and small turntable at far right are part of Bronsons & Weston Lumber Co. lumber stacking yard.

This map oriented south to top shows Elgin Street station as well as roundhouse and coach shed.


Great Western

Suspension Bridge
Niagara Falls

Grand Trunk Ry. of Canada

International Bridge Co.

GTR International Bridge over the Niagara River between Victoria (Fort Erie) and Black Rock (Buffalo). ca.1910

Note: The small building was a steam powered pumphouse to deliver water to the roundhouse some distance away.
There is a track this side of the pumphouse. GTR 4-4-0 about to cross the bridge to U.S of A.

GTR Trent Swing Bridge NEW

Detailed article on design various new bridges on GTR and CPR

Grand Trunk in USA before GTW

Grand Trunk car shops Port Huron, Michigan 1917


Canadian Northern Winnipeg Viaduct 1912
Double track line to new Union Station.

Canadian Northern Fort Rouge Shops
Special train to visit 1909.

Canadian Northern Pacific Patricia Bay (VI) ferry slip

NTR Transcona shops

NTR bridges Northern Ontario

GTP Water Tanks

Midland station and roundhouse Toronto map 1884
Midland Ry. of Canada ex T&NRy.

GTR Ottawa station Chateau Laurier
Wellington Street Viaduct
Power plant Central Depot 1912

GTR Stratford Locomotive Shops

GTR Toronto Offices 1867+

GTR Toronto roundhouses

GTR Goderich engine house 1912 NEW

Canadian National Railways

Transcona main shops in background.

Interesting interior view of Moncton erecting shop (a.k.a. backshop). c.1945
Others were at Pointe St. Charles in Montreal, Stratford, and Transcona in Winnipeg.
Andy Mc.Culluch Collection/Walter Pfefferle Collection

CNR Coal Chutes
(Coaling Towers)

CNR Water Tanks
(Water Towers)

CNR Roundhouses

Leaside Shops 1919

London roundhouse
1950, 1969, 1982, 1987

Longue Pointe Locomotive Terminal
CNR Montreal roundhouse and yards 1922

Moncton Locomotive Terminal 1921

Moncton main shops aerial 1936
Ex ICR built 1908 following complete destruction in
February 1906 of original I.C.R. shops.

Toronto freight sheds and team tracks 1926
Downtown next to old union station. CN Express


Massive fire 1948.

Aug, 9, 1985

Longue Pointe Yard Montreal
Aerial 1954

Mimico Yard aerial view
Past and present

MacMillan Yard
originally, Toronto Yard

Montreal Yard and Shops
aerial, before Place Bonaventure (1964-67)

Montreal Yard and Shops 2nd angle NEW

Symington Yard 1958
includes predecessor yards and shops

South Parry yard Looking south
Mile 147.1 Bala Sub. 7/1934
CNR/James A. Brown Collection

Toronto Downtown
Spadina Coach Yard and roundhouse.
Bathurst Street freight yard.

Turcot Yard Montreal


Track level view of yard ENLARGE

Aerial view Beach Sub. QEW Stoney Creek traffic circle.
Hamilton April 7.1970 NEW


Senneterre, QC

An array of CN and VIA MLW and GMD A and B units, RS, SW and RDC's. July 23, 1977.

Niagara Falls yard. Diesels include GT 4441_GT_4430_CN_4596 also GT 4109 second track. 1974 Tom Farence
Huge plant (92 acres) in left background is Cyanamid of Canada.

West Toronto station looking north M. 5.1 Weston Sub. CPR Mac Tier Sub. at right. West Toronto diamond
behind camera. Behind station are the CN Express buildings (see below). June 1, 1985 Clayton Langstaff

Express office and shed (below) at West Toronto just north of the Diamond. Jim Parker

CPR Mac Tier Subdivision in foreground. Jim Parker

Old style weigh scales. Switch can line cars over "live" rail for weighing or, over dead rail for faster move.
Locomotives were prohibited from passing over weigh scales since they weighed in excess of the scale's capacity.

Note carts above. Two views.



Crossing gateman's tower at Lawrence Avenue level crossing in Weston (Toronto Terminals) c.1950's Jim Parker

Crossing gateman's tower at Old Weston Road level crossing in West Toronto (Toronto Terminals) c.1980's
Jim Parker

Note: Both of these protected CNR and CPR tracks same as at other crossings in the terminal.

Headquarters for Western Lines. Cirace 1970's.


CN Telegraph Toronto office.



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