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Canadian National Railways

Toronto Downtown

Spadina Coach Yard and Car Shops.
Spadina roundhouse.
Bathurst Street Freight Yard.

map fullest extent of area
Circa 1976 (CN Tower)

Aerial Spadina Coach Yard and Roundhouse (right side), Spadina bridge.
CPR John Street Coach Yard and roundhouse beyond. TTR Union Station.
Bathurst Street Yard (middle) Looking east. 1953.


Front Street team tracks looking west towards Spadina Street bridge and Bathurst Street bridge. 6/1972 Robert Farkas.

Lots to see in this lesser-seen view starting with CN team tracks largely used by them and their associate Hendrie Cartage.
LCL freight shed is out of view at right along Simcoe Street to Wellington Street West and west to Peter Street.
Large building bottom left is CN Telecommunications (open 1954) Front St. W. at Simcoe St. southeast corner.
RDC's and lots of CN rolling stock and engines along with long-abandoned coal tower. Gardiner Expressway.
PCC at far right on Bathurst Street bridge. Fort York. In far distance is Shell Oil Tower with illuminated clock (1955-1972)
and grandstand in CNE grounds. Upper left is a small float equipped single engine airplane! View from the Royal York.


Piggybaclk ramps in Toronto. Front Street West right background and LCL shed on Simcoe Street. 1956

8421 (ex BCK 27) switching a single old wood truss-rod car 43. It may have been turned on loop behind the roundhouse.
Note tell-tales above engine. These are to warn switchmen on roofs of cars of restricted overhead clearance.
In this case Spadina Avenue bridge.

Bathurst Street Yard looking east from Spadina Avenue bridge. September 1973
Look what is going up in the background! CN Tower.

Bathurst Street Yard looking south from Front Street West.

6027 westbound at Bathurst Street.

Extra 3887 West with 3886 trailing. These near-new units are on the Oakville Sub. leaving Bathurst St. passing the
John Inglis plant on Strachan Ave. approaching Cabin E (M.1.7) and about to cross the CPR (TG&B) Wharf Lead.




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