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Buses and Coaches

A Burt Williams omnibus passing the Red Lion Hotel in Yorkville on Yonge Street north of Bloor Street to St.Lawrence Market and City Hall. YBL operated from 1849-1862 by which time Toronto Street Railways began a horsecar system.

The first busses were hauled by real horse power! They were a modified version of stage coaches which operated inter-city. Streetcars operating on rails were also hauled by horses. Later, electric powered streetcars came along and later yet, gasoline powered internal combustion engines for local buses for cities and highway coaches for inter-city runs.

Sightseeing buses, coaches and other vehicles.

Buses special service
Eaton's and Simpson's Toronto shoppers

Canadian National Transportation

Canadian Pacific Transport

Colonial Coach Lines

Detroit Canada Tunnel Corp.

GO Transit

Gray Coach Lines

Highway coaches intercity

Islington Bus Services NEW

Montreal Tramways

Quebec Central Transportation

Toronto Transportation Commission
Early buses

Toronto's Independent Bus Lines

A history of the four private bus companies that were forced to sell out to the City of Toronto following creation of Metropolitan Toronto, including their highway routes and charter operations. City routes were taken over by the Toronto Transit Commission while highway and charter operations were taken over by the TTC's wholly-owned subsidiary Gray Coach Lines. Includes photos of equipment, tickets and transfers, along with rosters, statistical and financial information.


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