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Canadian Pacific Railway

Toronto Division

West Toronto and Lambton


Galt Subdivision (double track) Mileage 3.8 to Mileage 6.4

Bloor Street at Mileage 3.8 was the demarcation point between Parkdale and West Toronto. In addition to the double track mainline a service track on the west side ran between Parkdale (north side of Queen Street) and West Toronto (south side of Dupont Street) to serve local industries and Bloor Yard.

West Toronto Mileage 4.5

Enlarge image

West Toronto looking north from Royce Ave. (Dupont St.) towards the Diamond. Galt Sub. at left, CNR Weston Sub. and at far right Old Bruce service track also Osler Street team track and small industries on south side of North Toronto Sub. Behind the camera was Royce Avenue where a subway was constructed and other industry located including nearby Chevrolet Motor Car Co. April 1923

Enlarge image

West Toronto Freight Shed at left is hidden partially beneath (Old) Weston Rd. bridge. Galt Sub. eastward track in the foreground and westward track to the right. Mac Tier Sub.curves far right across the Diamond.
Station is behind camera to the left. NOTE: An old shed once stood near the last station express building.

Enlarge image

Shed is at left behind camera. Galt Sub. is two centre tracks (one curves), two connecting tracks from North Toronto Sub. two Mill sidings and another to warehouse. Heintzman piano factory far left at Keele Street. Steam engines are at Keele Street yard office.

Extra 2206 West coming in on the Trenton Pickup off the North Toronto Sub.
passing the mill approaching Keele Street. 1959 R.L.Kennedy

5102 with van 436546 backing eastward on the North Toronto Sub. crossing the Diamond
heading for Leaside to lift their train returning past here onto the Galt. Sub. main line bypassing
Lambton westbound destined for London. 9/1959 James A. Brown

7024 westbound with a Pig Transfer. West Toronto 8/26/1961 Joseph Testagrose Collection

A pig transfer eastbound (backing up) at Keele Street (likely from the Queensway) to Parkdale Yard
with 7022 and wooden van 436277. August 1974 Michael Taylor.

Note: A&P supermarket on former Heintzman piano factory site, later became Canadian Tire store
(403 Keele Street) which in turn closed circa 1998 following opening of a new, larger store nearby along St.Clair Ave.West in a redeveloped area named Stockyards which were located there for decades.
Demolished September 2008 and redeveloped with highrise condos (643 units) at
60 Heintzman Street and now known as Heintzman Place. Filled by August 2011.

Freight train on westward Galt Sub. main line with a mix of rolling stock including green forest products
box cars is likely a transfer from Parkdale judging by the cars themselves including an open door box car needing a cleanout. Looking southeast the Depot is just out of camera view to the right its shadow on part
of the white cement platforms. Dead end track in right foreground is part of team track area. Straight ahead
is garbage incinerator a sight common at all yards etc. Large building in right background is Viceroy Rubber
plant on Dupont Street. Old Weston Road and Dundas Street West at right out of view.

No. 11 The Canadian sits at West Toronto with units on the Mac Tier Sub. and train still on Galt Sub.
MLW A unit and most of train in CP Rail Action Red. RS-10 and lightweight steel painted baggage car
in old colours. Compare this view with the one above. Team Track area full of Interline Forwarders
trucks in blue paint. Note overhead crane near end of track. Depot in right background.
Track in right foreground is eastward track of Galt Subdivision. Check out roof of shack!


West Toronto is centered around the Diamond, or Junction, where lines from the East, North and downtown Toronto all meet. Originally named Toronto Junction since it was the only junction point in Toronto. In the beginning, trains from Montreal had to travel across North Toronto, then down via Parkdale to Union Station in downtown Toronto. The reverse proceedure was necessary for eastbound trains. Construction of the Don Branch which opened in September 1892 finally corrected this situation.

Located here were the main shops and roundhouse relocated from Parkdale between 1884-1890. A station, (replaced twice), along with its accompanying Express building. Next to these were team tracks and a crane belonging to the freight shed just to the west on the Galt Sub. West Toronto Freight Office and Shed were closed and then demolished December 1978. The team tracks and crane, long out of use were not removed until February 1980. Passenger service ended October 28,1978 at the station, (known as the depot, to distinguish it from union station,) the offices upstairs were relocated and it was closed. Finally being demolished November 25,1982 in a public relations disaster that was to have far reaching consequences.

West Toronto Station

West Toronto Junction Gallery Shops etc.

West Toronto Shops aerial view inc. Ontario Stock Yards

Aerial view of Packers and Stock Yards

Here was located the main freight marshalling yards for Toronto starting with West Toronto Yard in the 1880's and adding Lambton Yard prior to the Great War (World War I), eventually being replaced by a new hump yard at Agincourt in 1964, although both continue in use today in a lesser role.

A number of small industries were located along the south side of the Galt Sub. west to the Humber River including Lambton team tracks. On trackage reached from within the yard Union Stock Yards were built in 1903 on 35 acres adjacent to West Toronto shops. In 1944, the Ontario Government took over from the private owners, renaming it the Ontario Stock Yards. All rail usage ended by 1980 and it was finally closed at the end of 1993. Additionally, a lead ran to extensive meat packinghouse facilities begun early in the 20th Century. Gunn's in 1907 and Harris Abattoir Co. in 1912. In August 1927, Harris Abattoir and William Davies Company merged to become Canada Packers, also acquiring Gunn's and Matthews & Blackwell. Levack's in 1905 was acquired by Swift's in 1911 was located there, as well as small independent packers. A GTR lead ran into this area as well. So big had this grown by the 1950's that Canada Packers had 26 tracks! They had their own weigh scales, a yardmaster and a car checker! CPR provided all switching for Canada Packers, while CNR switched only Swift's and two or three Canada Packers tracks where tank cars were loaded with blood.

Stock Yards and Packing Houses in Toronto

Swift's packing house history.

Lambton Mileage 5.8

Lambton Yard

Feature Article, which perhaps should be read later to avoid confusion with this article when paging back etc. For your convenience this link is repeated at the bottom of the Toronto Division main page.

Lambton station Mileage 6.4 Between Jane Street and Scarlett Road.

813 assisting a P1 on an Extra West leaving Lambton Yard for London. 7/05/1947
James Walder/Joseph Testagrose Collection


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