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Old Bruce Service Track

Penfound Varnish, Osler Street team tracks and other small industries off the Old Bruce service track.

Old Bruce Service Track later known as S Yard, and finally PS Lead, ran between West Toronto Diamond and Dundas Street West just north of Parkdale, and was once the Toronto, Grey and Bruce mainline. It was east of the Galt Sub. and was separated by the CNR Weston Sub. double track.

It remained in use for many years to serve a number of local industries, including Rowntree (chocolates), Joe Lowe (Popsicle Pete), Glidden Varnish and Viceroy Rubber. It ran across West Toronto Diamond into the MacTier Sub. In later years this seldom-used diamond was eliminated and the service track was extended eastward on a sharp curve across Osler Avenue and connected to the North Toronto Sub. It remained in use until the last industry Laura Secord (formerly, Rowntree, originally Cowan's) stopped using rail for sugar from Redpath on the EastWharf. Finally being abandoned in 199x . It was dismantled in April of 1996. Eventually,
the 1.59 mile long right-of-way was sold in July, 2003 to the City of Toronto for a trail. West Toronto Railpath was officially opened October 30, 2009.

Old Bruce service track, looking south from Wallace Ave. footbridge.
Tank car sitting in Nacan products (National Adhesives). Note diamond, unusual for sidings,
other trackwas Solways (scrap dealer). Track at right is West Toronto interchange track.
CNR Weston Sub. at GO Transit Bloor station. Far right CPR Galt Sub.
July 1985 Gord Billinghurst

8133 on North Toronto Sub. looking east towards Osler (Oh-sler) Avenue.
Sharp curved track in foreground is new trackage connecting to
Old Bruce Service track. January 13, 1991


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