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Canadian Pacific Railway

West Toronto Shops

Back shops; erecting shop at left, tender shop at right with transfer table in between.
Blacksmith shop in background. Three photos circa 1950's Jim Parker

Locomotive Foreman's office building (including apprentice classroom) at north end of tender shop.
Closeup of transfer table. Car shop in background.

Aerial map

Close up

map Loco 1889


map Loco 1912

Erecting shop

Transfer table

Blacksmith shop

Office/tender shop

Power house

Stores buildings

Car shop

Car shops 1914


Coaling plant




Ash Pit 1911 article NEW

Piston, Piston Rod and Crosshead Repair
Detailed description in 1912 article.

Car Dept. Car Frame Straightener 1921 article NEW

Aerial view of West Toronto shops


West Toronto Junction Engine House
West Toronto Junction Historical Society 1997
All photographs Anne M. de Fort-Manares

Erecting shop and transfer table

Newer roll-up metal door
at track five

Machine Shop addition
and Erecting Shop

Erecting Shop
looking south

Machine Shop addition west side

Another view,
looking east

Inside Erecting Shop looking south

Another view

Third view

Interior old machine shop

Another view

original section, looking north.

Another view

Weeds hide view


Looking south


Air motor end of turntable look west, no shop tracks remain in place.

Turntable looking east, through track into machine shop and erecting shop to transfer table.

Inside roundhouse looking into machine shop towards erecting shop and transfer t.
North end of roundhouse

Farther along north side
of shops looking east


Retail store


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