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Canadian Pacific Railway

London Division

London Division Power

Steam Locomotives Assigned to London Division: July 1957

The assignment of motive power (locomotives) on the Ontario District saw London at the bottom of the pile. Old well-worn P1's (5100 series 2-8-2's) and slightly newer P2's, along with old G2 (2500 4-6-2's) plus D-10 class 4-6-0's on the branches, made up the bulk of the steam locomotives. Old M4 class 2-8-0's in Windsor and London yards and a couple of 0-6-0's at Goderich and Guelph. Only a handful of newer steam engines were allotted to London.

Typical drag freight with 3701 assisting 5403 on the Galt Subdivision. Circa 1952
Bruce Chapman Collection


New additions

Hooping up! Looks like the engineer about to grab the hoop. Fireman running 8471?

Hooping Up gallery across Canada

G3 2332 London 5/11/1959
W.V.Russell/Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection


Numerical order

D10g 887 displaying signals (green flags) running as a section at Chatham. D'Arcy Furlonger Collection

986 dead at Quebec Street roundhouse. Paint on engine and tender looks fresh however, the dirty side curtains,
drivers and rods indicate it was not fresh out of the backshop. It is listed in the assignment list for July 1957.
It was also on the pit check October 20, 1959. Later still it became the last steam engine in New Brunswick
its last run returning to McAdam from St.Andrews on April 4, 1960 near the end of the steam era.

D10h 1048 MLW 52065 12/1912 London October 20, 1953 C.T.Felstead/Bud Laws Collection

G5b 1221 Chatham March 16, 1946 D'Arcy Furlonger Collection

G5b 1223 engineer oiling around while the fireman takes water at Chatham. D'Arcy Furlonger Collection

G5c 1270 sitting outside the shop on a radial track off the table. September 2, 1956 Howard Davis

E5 2116 a high drivered (70") Ten-Wheeler downgraded to freight service.
Galt. July 1940 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

2200 one of only three G1's modified with mechanical stoker.
Quebec Street 12/29/1959 James A. Brown

2200 assisting 2415 on a time card train (notice no signals displayed). Possibly westbound at Galt.

G1s 2214 on the shop track possibly being dispatched on a Hyde Park assist.
. September 2, 1956 Howard Davis

G2s class 2582 with standard size tender. (Three years earlier it still had a small 5,000 gallon tender)
London August 4, 1958 Ray Deschenes/Bruce Chapman Collection


G2u 2646 Chatham D'Arcy Furlonger Collection

G2u 2664 on the table at Windsor. c.1940's Harry Hart/Robin Hart Collection

Undated photo may be soon after its delivery (2/1938) possibly public display for passenger service.

Engine crew looking at photographer during stop. Haycroft March 7, 1951 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection
Poor boiler water condition evident by white overflow.

P1d 5111 displaying signals (green flags) and running as a section of an eastbound Third Class train.
Engineer oiling around at Galt. May 1943 Bud Laws Collection

5160 London August 13, 1939 Robert Olmstead/Bud Laws Collection


5169 all coaled up. London 9/26/1956 Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

Class P1e 5178 23" x 32" cyl. 63"drv. 190 lbs. pressure 43,400 t.e. Rebuilt CPR Feb.1927
(ex 5078 MLW #52765 Sept. 1913)
London, September 2, 1956 Howard Davis/Bud Laws Collection

5180 displaying green signals has been stopped by the train order signal at Haycroft on the Windsor Sub. near Tilbury.
October 1951 Bud Laws Collection

P2e 5370 on the shop track at London.

Class P2e 5375 23" x 32" cyl. 63" drv. 57,100 t.e. 250 lbs. pressure. CLC #1789 Nov.1926
London May 23, 1959 Howard W.Ameling/Bud Laws Collection
Apparently this engine has a tender off another engine since it is a 12-wheel tender of 12,000 gallons of water and 21 tons coal capacity which were normally on P2a and P2d sub-classes only. P2e's normally had 16 ton, 10,000 gallon 8-wheel tenders while other P2's had tenders of 14 or 18 tons and 10,000 gallons. 5375 was previously a Lambton engine.

P2g 5414 with 275 lbs. and 57,500 t.e. 18-ton, 10,000 gals. MLW 69284 8/1940
London. Collection of Harold K. Vollrath
Beginning with 5405 the P2's took on a more modern appearance with semi-streamlining that distinguished CPR steam locomotives. CLC and MLW would continue building these engines until P2k 5473 in October 1948.

Diesel Engines

Diesels came to the yard first, with "Made in London" GMD SW8 800HP yard switchers along with ALCO S2 1000HP switchers 7062 and 7063 in Windsor. The last 0-6-0 anywhere on the CPR, 6275 finished up in Goderich yard at 12 noon Saturday December 6, 1958 and was replaced by MLW S3 6589 until delivery in early May of 1959 of a new, tiny 500HP CLC diesel-hydraulic switcher, number 17.

Road freight diesels came in the form of MLW RS-3's and FA2 "covered wagon" A and B units, later MLW RS-10's and RS-18's all of which were maintained at St.Luc (Montreal) as roundhouses everywhere were scaled back or closed down.


Extra 4215 is making a move to either lift that A unit or has just set it off. See man handling m.u. jumper cable.
Note position of switch at yellow. Superintendent's business car at right. London 8/1968 Wolf Kirchmeir

5599 brand new out of GMD! Part of second order of SD40-2 5589-5628 (40 units). A-2643 5/1972

PNC 3445 GP9u rebuilt PNC 1971 (12/1970 ex SP 3445 nee 5608) GP9 EMD 20133 1/1955

8163 SW1200RS Quebec Street roundhouse London October 1969 Bob Heathorh Collection

Woodstock area branch lines were operated by SW1200RS 1200 HP units, a Canadian-only GMD model designed specifically to replace D-10's and other light road engines. The CPR referred to these small road switcher units, and MLW RS-23 1000 HP road switchers officially as BLU's, Branch Line Units. Un-officially they were called "pups"! After their week's work was done on the branch they would be gathered up and sent out on a main line freight to Toronto and back. This increased wear-and-tear on the units which were on a lower maintenance schedule in consideration of their lighter duty compared to the more typical round-the-clock service of the bigger main line road units.

GP35 5024 (GMD A2123 1/1966) and FB2 4468 MLW 79161 9/1953

Old diesel, new small Multimark paint scheme. This is the second use of the number 4016. The first one was an FA1 MLW 77311 8/11/1950. It was wrecked August 8, 1957 at Attean, Maine when running as 908 hit 951 engine 8460 due to a dispatcher error. It was rebuilt 11/21/1957 by MLW as 8824 an RS-10s with short hood forward. Later, RS-10 8557 had an electrical fire January 28,1966 near Thamesville Mile 46 Windsor Sub. and its components were used by Angus to be installed in the carbody of 4014 (which was repurchased by CP including other parts) part of a trade-in program to MLW for C-424 4249. Outshopped March 14, 1966. The new paint job didn't last long. It was retired 9/15/1977.
4016 at Windsor 2/11/1975 Joseph Testagrose Collection

4720 MLW M-636 M6031-20 6/1970 Windsor April 1973 Doug Leffler
Looking fresh out of Angus with new Multimark paint scheme.
Note DOFASCO trucks.

8131 first unit of second order 8131-8146. 26-L air brake SW1200RS GMD A1731 4/1959
London 1999 Paul Mc.Grane

RS-18 8737 MLW 81612 4/1957 Windsor 4/19/1987 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection


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