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Canadian Pacific Railway

G2 class 4-6-2 Pacific

G2a 1151 as originally built 1/1906 by Angus. Later rebuilt as G2p 2501. (see below)

There were 166 (2500-2665) G2 class 4-6-2 Pacific type steam locomotives built between January 1906 and June 1914. Most were built by the CPR at Angus Shops however, 46 were built by Montreal Locomotive Works and 2 by Schenectady Locomotive Works in the U.S.

Designed and built for passenger service largely to replace smaller Ten-wheelers many wound up in freight service in later years displaced by even bigger and better engines. Most of these capable locomotives lasted until dieselization although, only one still exists, 2634 displayed at Moose Jaw.

Starting in 1918 and continuing for about 12 years (ending in the Depression) these locomotives were rebuilt with many receiving new cylinders of different sizes, new boilers and frames.

Original boiler 200 lb. with 21" x 28" cylinders (21)
Original boiler 200 lb. with 22 ½" x 28" cylinders. (89)

New boiler 200 lbs. 22 ½" x 28" (2)

New boiler 225 lbs. 21 ¼" x 28" (6)

New boiler 250 lbs. 20" x 28" (48)

Built with open cabs they were later rebuilt with vestibule cabs. All were coal and hand fired. A few were only rated at 30% (30,000 t.e.) but, most were 34%. All had 70" diameter drivers. Tenders were originally of 5,000 gallon capacity, later many got 7,000 or 8,000 gallon 12 ton tenders. Some got 10,000 gallon 18 ton tenders although a few retained their 5,000 gallon tenders. Some were equipped with Elesco feedwater heaters, one (2592) a Worthington and some didn't have a feedwater heater. All were built with the CPR's own Vaughan-Horsey superheaters. Most were rebuilt with Type A or Type E superheaters. Some had screw reverser, some lever and some were power equipped.

The many variations of these locomotives as well as the 75" driver G1 class which had far more varieties in only 39 locomotives (2200-2238), all had led to the eventual choice of specifications for the modern G5 class. The G5's were all built with standard features including 20" x 28" cylinders 70" drivers 34% t.e. 8,000 gal. 14 ton tenders Type A superheater and mechanical stoker.

Two scheduled DAR westbounds are connecting at Windsor, Nova Scotia. The 2501 would be the Mixed No. 11 off the Midland from Truro. It died at Windsor. No. 15 the Halifax to Yarmouth RDC Dayliner.
This is a mid-summer August 1956 to 1958 photo. Note: 2501 transferred to DAR July 1958.
Note: See photo at top of page. Caption: Wendell Lemon

Fresh out of the erecting shop! 2507 CPR #1481 11/1906 Rebuilt G2q 1/1926 new cyl. 22 1/2" x 28" Old boiler 200 lbs.
c.1940's W.R.Osborne/Bruce Chapman Collection

2509 with open cab, original small tender and no feedwater heater. Glen 3/1938 Aubrey Mattingly Collection
G2c 1109 9/1912 Cyl. 21" x 28" Drv. CPR 5/1907

2509 rebuilt with vestibule cab, new large tender and feedwater heater.
Braeside, Ontario October 1957 Aubrey Mattingly Collection
G2r Cyl. 22 1/2" x 28" Rebuilt 3/1928 Retired 11/1946

Spotless 2512 with vestibule cab and original small tender. CPR 5/1907
G2c rebuilt 10/1925 with old boiler 200 lbs. and new 22 1/2" x 28" cyl.

G2 2518 with No. 556 from Chalk River drifting to a stop at Stittville (CPR spelled it wrong!) station in Stittsville, Ontario. Baggageman ready to handle express or, just getting some fresh air! Mother and child waiting for someone arriving on the train or, just watching it. No date or caption unfortunately. The open cab is not a clue since 2518 retained its open cab until the end unlike other G1 and G2 class engines. Bud Laws Collection

Another undated photo of 2518. This time dropping downgrade passing the mile board for Nepean (behind train) about mp 9 on the Carleton Place Subdivision...this looks like #556 coming in from Chalk River about noon. 2518 was the engine involved in the infamous Almonte wreck 12/27/1942 when a fast moving 13 car troop train hauled by 2802 a heavy 4-6-4 passenger engine rear-ended No. 550 a local passenger train stopped at the station which did not have an SPS signal, killing 39 (more died later in hospital) with 150 injured in one of the worst wrecks in Canadian history. The last three cars were wooden coaches which contributed to the death toll. While the CPR blamed the engineer of the troop train and demoted him, the coroner's jury soundly blamed the CPR for laxness in operations including the lack of a Station Protection Signal. An overworked locomotive (2518) hauling ten passenger cars and known to be a poor steaming engine contributed to the disaster. (Note: Pronounced Almont, silent e). Bud Laws Collection

The Carleton Place Subdivision is now part of the Trans Canada Trail. Last train was VIA #2 Canadian 1/15/1990

G2r 2520 rebuilt 12/26 with new boiler 225 lbs. 21.25" x 28" cylinders. CPR 7/1907
Sutherland, SK November 1938 Bud Laws Collection.
Note the cinder cars on depressed track in foreground. Long before recycling became a fad the
CPR reused these cinders as ballast in yards and on secondary tracks.

G2r 2523 rebuilt 12/1929 with new boiler 250 lbs. 20" x 28" cyl. CPR 7/1907
Sutherland, SK August 16, 1936 Bud Laws Collection

G2q 2524 rebuilt 12/1929 still with old boiler 200 lbs. new 22.5" x 28" cyl. CPR 8/1907
No. 52 Great West Express leaving Sutherland, SK. October 24, 1938 Bud Laws Collection

2526 with short passenger train. Halifax 6/1956 W.C.Whittaker/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2527 on the main line with some riders on a flat car of rails! These are likelly sectiomen who are dropping off
rails here and there along themain line for other sectionmen to use. Johnville, Quebec (east of Sherbrooke)
Digital restoration by: Gordon Kennedy

G2r 2527 on a Lakeshore Local with nine wooden cars at Montreal West. July 1952 Ron Ritchie
Note the experimental twin headlights!

Here is a photo of mine showing train 575 engine 2539 with seven wooden cars ready to pull ahead prior to backing
into track 4. As the engine would then be on the rear of the train, note the marker lamps on the buffer beam.
The drill was that the 5.07, after unloading at Montreal West, pulled ahead clear of the crossover that then existed
between tracks 3 and 4. It would then back through Track 4 and proceed to Windsor Street as Train # 576.
The purpose was to let the 5.15 ex Windsor Station go by as it did not stop at Montreal West. July 1952 Ron Ritchie

It made the run to Montreal West and then back to Windsor Station with the run out to Vaudreuil just before 6.
It was discontinued due to the fact that the crew looked at it as two separate trips (talk about an easy day!!!)
so CPR cancelled it and we were forced onto the later milk run. Too bad. It was a great train. While the old
FP's would struggle up the grade to Westmount at 10 mph, the RDCs just took off and we were there in five minutes.
Steve Morris

G2s 2539 was once assigned to Montreal commuter service along with six other G2 Pacifics equipped with a
second dynamo to provide electricity to coaches. An early form of HEP! Downgraded to freight service
following replacement by much newer G3 class Pacifics themselves downgraded by new diesels.
Montreal. 3/29/1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

2541 in Montreal suburban service eastbound at Dorval 9/1965 Phil Hastings/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2541 leaving St.Gabriel de Brandon, Quebec with wooden passenger cars in a bucolic scene complete with horse drawn delivery wagon that portrays a time belying the calendar dated 1957. Fred Angus/Bruce Chapman Collection

G2s 2547 rebuilt 10/1925 still with old boiler 200 lbs. new cylinders 22.5" x 28" no FWH CPR 11/1908
Still with open cab and small tender. Lambton (Toronto) shop track. June 4, 1939 Bud Laws Collection

2547 now with larger tender and newer style headlight. Still with open cab and slanted illuminated number boards.
Not taking water at this unknown location. Station is hidden behind engine with only train order blades showing.
Compare to older photograph above. Bruce Chapman Collection

G2s 2572 rebuilt 12/1929 new boiler 250 lbs. 20" x 28" cyl. MLW 46065 6/1909
Sutherland, SK October 7, 1938 Bud Laws Collection

G2d 2574 Cyl. 21" x 28" 200 lbs. MLW 46067 6/1909
Looking fresh out of Weston shop nicely painted for passenger service. Grey smokebox is Western Lines standard.
Winnipeg, August 1947 Bud Laws Collection

G2s rebuilt 12/1929 Cyl. 20" x 28" new boiler 250 lbs. G2d MLW 46068 6/1909
2575 on Train 319 ready to leave for Shaunavon. Mixed train equipment on next track.
Shed and team tracks in foreground. c.1951 Assiniboia SK Ron Bearman

G2s 2582 with original small 5,000 gallon tender. Rebuilt 8/1923 new 250 lbs. boiler 20" x 28" cyl.
Smiths Falls 1955 Addy Schwalm /Bruce Chapman Collection

Here she is again, this time at Ottawa West in company with new RS-10 8481 delivered 4-28-55. Ron Visockis Collection

Here is 2582 three years later as a London engine with a standard size 7,000 gallon tender. London August 4, 1958
Ray Deschenes/Bruce Chapman Collection

G2s 2583 still with open cab. Rebuilt 5/1928 new boiler 250 lbs. 20" x 28" cyl. MLW 46185 7/1909
Lyndonville, VT. Bud Laws

2592 only G2 with Worthington feedwater heater on a short passenger train including lightweight mail and express car. CPR 5/1910 Rebuilt 11/1930 Cyl. 20" x 28" new boiler 250 lbs.
Douglas, Manitoba 5/11/1942 Ernie Plant/Bruce Chapman Collection

G2s 2596 still equipped with open cab. Rebuilt 6/1926 old boiler 200 lbs. 22 1/2 x 28 cyl. Schenectady 48015 7/1910
Pasumpsic, VT. Bud Laws

G2s 2597 with open cab. Rebuilt 11/1926 new boiler 250 lbs. press. 20" x 28" Cyl. Schenectady 48016 7/1910
Note the wartime shrouded headlight. If the little boy is still alive he is likely retired!
July 1943 Barton, Vermont. Bud Laws

G2s 2598 Rebuilt 5/1930 with new boiler 250 lbs. Cyl. 20" x 28" MLW 49476 2/1911
Walter Pfefferle Collection


G2tx 2605 (1928 ex G2e 2605) CPR 2/1911 CPR/Steve Morris Collection
Out-shopped 1928 as one-only G2tx. Likely date of this photo in the newly introduced paint scheme following
the 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse, Baltimore, Md. Later equipped with FWH. Scrapped unknown reason 11/1941.

G2u 2622 rebuilt 5/1928 cyl. 20" x 28" new boiler 250 lbs. G2e CPR 5/1912
No. 164 to St.Andrews, NB. Mc.Adam August 11, 1956 Walter Pfefferle Collection

Doubleheading 2627 and 2628 running extra are sitting on the Brockville side of the Carleton Place station tracks with an old wooden reefer acting as a buffer. Possibly an Orangeman's Special from Ottawa to Smiths Falls on a July 12th. in the 1950's. Bruce Chapman Collection

G2u 2628 rebuilt 12/1927 Cyl. 21 1/4" x 28" new boiler 225 lbs. Built G2e CPR 5/1912
Greenville, Maine 6/29/1946 Robert A. Buck/Bud Laws Collection

Looks like a regular way freight has stopped to do a little track work. Note two ballast gons and sectionmen walking up.
Is that the engineer closest to camera? He is not in his seat and stack is clear indicating at rest. Meal time?

2634 on passenger. 3/30/1942 Sutherland, Saskatchewan. Lawrence Stuckey/George Parks Collection
This locomotive has been preserved in Moose Jaw. Seen here on moving day!

G2u 2636 rebuilt 6/1928 22 1/2 x 28 cyl. G2e MLW 52662 5/1913 Sutherland, SK Bud Laws

G2u 2643 Vulcan, Alberta No date (circa 1930's-40's) but sure looks like winter! Bud Laws Collection

Night time railfan photography was not common when 2644 was shot at coal chutes in Mc.Adam.
The end of steam was only months away when Jim Brown setup this shot 12/28/1959.

A pair of G2u class engines specially equipped with ATC assigned to Toronto-Buffalo passenger service.
2659 Squaw Island, Buffalo, NY and 2662 in Buffalo with TH&B 109 northbound for Toronto
2659 rebuilt 5/1925 and 2662 rebuilt 6/1929 both with old boilers and 22 1/2" x 28" Cyl. Bud Laws


Passenger Extra 2663 at Joliette, Que. 10-4-58 Joseph Testagrose Collection
CPR June 1914. Rebuilt G2u 12/1924 New cyl. 22 1/2" X 28" New boiler 200 lbs.

Same train, same date. Different location. Shown here at St.Gabriel, Que.

2664 CPR 6/1914 Rebuilt G2u 4/1922 new cylinders 22 1/2" x 28" old boiler 200 lbs.
London 1944 L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection.

This was the second to the last of 166 G2 class Pacifics built by the CPR and MLW from 1902.



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