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CPR London Division Yard Engines: Diesel

First London Division yard diesels included two Alco S-2's built in November 1947. 7062 and 7063 were assigned to Windsor and were the first units to get a new paint scheme as seen here on four month old 7094 MLW #75869 3/1949.
7/29/1949 London. Max Miller/Gary Everhart Collection

7027 in newer so-called "smiley" paint scheme (same as 7094 above) introduced in November 1947.
S-2 ALCO 73611 8/1945

In November 1950 the first four GMD SW8 units were built by the new GMD plant with the first two assigned to London.
Six more came in June and July 1951 with four going to Windsor and two 6707 6709 assigned to West Toronto roundhouse for Oshawa and Lambton (also, relief for Oshawa to ensure only a GM diesel switched General Motors auto plant).

6700 6701 London 6702 6704 6705 6706 6708 Windsor 6703 Chatham

Brand new 6700. Note handrails on carbody, many years later placed on walkway for safety. November 1950
Canadian Pacific Railway

6700 now in script lettering. SW8 800HP GMD A110 11/1950. Al Howlett

6700 still working Quebec Street yard, now in CP Rail Action Red with Multimark,
May 15,1975 L.B.Chapman

Note: 6700 was outshopped 6-01-1984 at Weston shop as part of the Ten Year Rebuild Program for yard engines.
This part of the program was cancelled due to low horsepower of these models after only four units
(two SW8's 6700 6708 and two SW900's 6712 6720) out of 21 were done. The upgrades included roller bearing
wheelsets, m.u. controls and SW1200RS style front number boards. It was converted 6-04-94 into a "Daughter"
unit (1010) for use with a "Mother" GP9 unit.

Note the Multimark on the cab rather than the carbody and number moved off cab to carbody.

6703 with Multimark on carbody. Windsor 1/14/1981 Alan Gaines

6705 switching in Windsor yard. 4/24/1982 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection


6593 S-3 660 HP MLW 82179 8/1957 Woodstock May 17, 1981 Doug Kroll

Donated 10/29/1986 National Research Council, Uplands, ON
Acquired 7/2012 Waterloo Central 6593.


6616 S-11 660 HP MLW #82558 6/1959 Al Howlett

One of the original CPR yard diesels, still working after nearly 30 years, and it had over 10 years to go
before retirement! Shown here next to the roundhouse in Windsor where it last operated May 30, 1984.
7023 S-2 1000 HP Alco #72858 10/1944 Earl Minnis

7023 in CP Rail Multimark scheme on the table in Windsor. 4/23/1982 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection

7029 switching old type of open top bi-level auto carrier less than two years away from its retirement January 15, 1986.

7061 S-2 1000 HP Alco #75544 11/1947 Al Howlett

7059, 7060 and 7061 were the first John Street (Toronto) diesels.

7061 still around ten years later now in new paint scheme. It still had another three years to go.
Note the Watchman heater in front of cab. 11/01/1982 Alan Gaines


HS 17 500 hp DT-2 CLC #3002 4/1959 Goderich yard engine.
These Hydraulic Switchers were always referred to by CPR in print with the initials HS plus number.


8150 (r/b 1270 Weston 9/1985) GMD A1896 7/1960

Note the third exhaust stack (with "umbrella"). This is for Watchman standby heater.

8163 (r/b 1245 Weston 12/1982) GMD A1909 9/1960
Subsequent owner OSR 1245.

8163 and 8143 SW1200RS units in a wintery scene. Windsor 3/04/1982 Sam Beck Collection

1269 at Windsor roundhouse. 3/5/1988 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection

1597 GP9u (nee 8687) GMD A1143 9/1957 Windsor 8/11/1990

Subsequent owners; LTEX, DSRR and LDSX 1597 . leased GIO Rail STTY.

1601 rebuilt GP9 with small Multimark. Roundhouse is down to only 4 stalls.
Windsor 4/18/1986 John Lameck/Sam Beck Collection

Two views of 8159 switching Windsor. Multimark no longer in use.
Note Ambassador Bridge in background. 3/24/1992






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