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Photo Tours Contest #1

Congratulations to contest winner Steve Schuler! While he didn't pinpoint the exact location of the bridge in the contest picture, he did have the geographically closest guess. Steve wins a free copy of the B&O Photo Tours CD. WTG Steve!

Click on pic for larger version.

Patapsco River at Mt. Airy
Mile: near 37.6 of OML Date: Oct 2004
Ease: C View: W
Area: A IC2:
Map: Ho 2 H 5, Ca 32 H 4 Topographic Maps

A. This large, disused stone bridge crosses the Patapsco River near Mt. Airy. It is along an extension of the Mt. Airy Loop that the B&O built in 1901/02 to connect the Loop with the then new Mt. Airy Cutoff. The river below is the Patapsco, hardly more than a stream here.

The pipe seen at right discharges effluent from the Mt. Airy waste treatment plant. This is a difficult location to reach because a somewhat long and/or steep hike through brush is needed. The bridge is mentioned in The Great Road on page 434.

A big "thank you" to all who participated in the contest. We'll have more contests in the future.

There are more pictures and history of this disused alignment at the Mt. Airy Loop - East page.

For reference, here was the contest question:

Q. Where can this be found? Look closely: there are sufficient clues here to uniquely identify this bridge. I believe it to be the largest single-arch B&O stone bridge anywhere within the area covered by my Photo Tours site. It is substantial enough to warrant mention in one of the books on my books page.

To win, correctly identify the:

  • B&O branch or line, and
  • approximate location on that line, and
  • name of stream/river flowing underneath

This contest ends immediately when someone responds correctly. If no one does so by November 30, 2004, the contest will end, and the person with the geographically closest guess (in my judgment) will be declared the winner. Usual and customary disclaimers apply.

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