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Manistique and Lake Superior Mile Posts
Based on trackage as built


M&LS railroad         



MP_M&LS  Steuben branch

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MP_M&LS  Mc Neil branch 11.5 miles 1905

Manistique River Log Dump


MP_M&LS  South side

Doty Interchange Map

DOTY=Evelyn D.S. S. & A. Railroad connection


MP_M&LS  Hiawatha

Hiawatha branch map


MP_M&LS  Thompson

Thompson map


South Manistiquie to Steuben August 2, 1899

Steuben to Mc Neil  December 16, 1897

Scotts to Shingeton December 12, 1898

The Taverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad  and Manistique, Marquette & Northern Railroad companys where both controlled by Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad interests, to gain more traffic for the GR&I through the railroad car ferry operations, the car ferry operation was a major money losser in this case.

History of Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad

1912 Map of Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique RR from Traverse City to Northport

Map of Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique RR Traverse City connection based on 1902 maps

Manistique, Marquette & Northern Railroad


Offical Guide May 1961