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Manistique & Northwestern RR

Right of way map filed to Michigan Railroad Commissioners in1902 also showed where the turning wyes were located.

This map section shows from Manistique to Thompson.  Also shows trackage at Manistique.



The Delta Lumbering Company, as shown on the map, the reason the Manistique & Northwest Railway went to Thompson.  With all the lumber to be be shipped, going by boat.  Is probably the reason to go there but this may not be the main reason.

The map is a redraw from a 1898 Michigan Railroad Commissioner drawing done by the railroad for a change in route.  The original map was almost not readable in many parts, it was done on a paper which looked like waxed paper and drawn in ink, which had faded and was water damaged.

A 1902 change of route drawings still shows the connecting line from South Manistique to Thompson.

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