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Metrowest Model Railroading Society Modular Layout

Metrowest Model Railroading Society Modular Layout

We are currently working on building a modular layout we can display at various model railroad shows in the area. The purpose of this layout is to "spread the word" about O scale and to attract new members to our club.

We want to build a truly modular layout, not a sectional layout. The difference is that modules can be assembled in any configuration, while a sectional layout must be assembled in the same way every time. This is so every member with a module doens't have to attend every show, and we can adapt our display to the size limitations of the show.

We spent quite a bit of time determining our module standards. They differ from the NMRA specs, but they will allow us to easily combine our modules with other modular layouts in the area.

The main difference between the NMRA specs and ours is the track center distance. The NMRA suggests 4", we went with 3.5" on the straight modules. We felt that it looked better, and that is also the distance the Southern New England club went with. (see the link page for SNEs web page).

Our standard height is 48" from floor to the top of the railhead. We also have a 12" skyboard on each module.

There are three main types of modules we're building. Click on the link for more details of each module.

In addition to these modules, we've built a 4' long by 12" wide "duck-under" module. This is to make it easy to move from inside the layout to outside the layout.

Here are some photos of some of our modules.


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Last Updated: Oct 9, 2003