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Metrowest Model Railroading Society Straight Modules

MMRS Straight Modules

Here are some details of our straight modules.


Our standard module is 6 feet long by 30 inches wide. Some members are building 4' long modules for ease of transport. The module frame is made from 3/4" x 4" plywood sides, with 2x4 fir ends. 1/4" down from the top of the sides is a sheet of 1/4" luaun, supported by cleats on the sides and cross braces every two feet. On top of the luaun is 2" thick pink insulating foam as a scenic base


The mainline tracks are at 3.5 inch centers, and the centerline of the outer track is 6 inches from the front of the module. We use 1/4" thick homasote as the roadbed. Each mainline track stops 2" from the end of the module, and we use 4" long pieces of flextrack as joiner tracks between the modules. This offset helps protect against damage to the trackwork during transport, a lesson we learned the hard way with a previous modular layout.


As O scale trains can use a lot of juice, we've decided to use 2 pole "automotive connectors", rather than the cinch-jones which the NMRA suggests. The cinch-jones aren't rated for the amperage that we know some locomotives and/or consists can require. Our color code is red wire for the outer rail, and black wire for the inner rail. Each module MUST have at least one jumper wire to the rail.


This is up to the indivudual members. We suggest using 2" square pine inserted into pockets attached to the sides. Each leg must have a leveling screw at the bottom.

Diagrams and photos coming soon!

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Last Updated: Oct 9, 2003