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Metrowest Model Railroading Society Corner Modules

MMRS Corner Modules

Another local O scale club standardized on 4" track centers. In order to use modules from both clubs together in one layout, we built two transition modules. Here are some details of our corner modules.


These modules are 2' long by our standard 30" wide. The corner sections are built exactly like the straight modules, except for the short length. The short length also means that there is no cross bracing.


The track centers are 3.5" at one end, and 4" at the other, with each transition module being a mirror image of the other. The outer track is straight, and the inner track is a reverse curve.

The inner track is straight for the first two inches, and then eases into a reverse curve. This reverse curve was done by "trial and error", simply bending a piece of Atlas flex track until there was a smooth curve. We haven't tried to determine what the radius of the reverse curves is, but we've had no issue with derailments.

Wiring and Legs

These will be exactly the same as the straight modules.

The main difference is due to the short length of these modules, each has only two legs! While this means the module is not self standing, there is no need for that. Due to the light weight of the module, it is not too difficult for a member to lean the module against a free standing module, align, and clamp it into place. (after all, we usually need two members to align the modules anyway, one aligning and the other sitting underneath the module, tightening the clamps.)

Diagrams and photos coming soon!

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Last Updated: Oct 9, 2003