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Metrowest Model Railroading Society Corner Modules

MMRS Corner Modules

Here are some details of our corner modules.


We consider a "corner" to be 90 degrees of curvature. Since having a single large corner module is impractical, each corner module is constructed of three sections. The framework for each section is exactly the same.

The corner sections are much like the straight modules, except for shape. They are trapezoids. The end pieces are 15 degrees off perpendicular, making each section 30 degrees.


We are working out the details of the trackwork, and have not laid any yet. We are planning on having a 76" minimum radius.

At the ends, there will be a 2" inset before the track starts, and there will be a 2" straight section at each end. This is so the joiner tracks do not immediately go into a curve.

For better clearance between equipement, we are going to increase the track center distance to 4" for most of the corner. We will have to do this by having a longer straight section on the outer track, and easing the track out to the 4" center. This means that the radius of the outer track is not constant, but we maintain the 76" minimum radius.

Because of this, the trackwork on each section is unique, and they must be assembled in the same order every time.

The joiner tracks between each section will be curved, and will be custom fit for each section.

Wiring and Legs

These will be exactly the same as the straight modules.

Diagrams and photos coming soon!

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Last Updated: Oct 9, 2003