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  • LAYOUT OVERVIEW :::::::::::::::::::

    The Kentucky, Virginia, & Ohio (KV&O) is a freelance class 2 model railroad. The layout is set in the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is centered around L&N's Dent yards and the Letherwood Branchline in Perry County, KY after the KV&O purchased it from the L&N Railroad.
    This layout is built in a 16' X 16' which was built just for the layout. With a staging yard in a connecting 6' x 16' room. In the first year of contruction I was been able to finish the room and complete the bench work of the layout. The biggest change of all my layouts has been the change to DCC. I now have a Digitrax Zephyr. The layout is wire so both DC and DCC can be ran.

    Construction pictures