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Earlier i mentioned the President/Chief Engineers that had long reigns. perhaps, i should
mention some of the short term people. in Bennet Young`s time period, there was a Morris
McDonald. in the period between MR. Mitchell`s retirement in 1913 untill MR.Campell comming
off the SP RR in 1917 there were two short time Gen. Mgr/CH. engineer`s, MR.w.b. Knox
and MR.J.H. Rightmeyer. When MR. Gaynor retired in MAY 1981, the director of labor relations,
MR.Raymon R. Hawkins served as Pres/Gen.Mgr. for seven months untill the sale of December
31,1981. i might say aboiut the $100,000.00 MR. Young proposed to give to MR.Mitchell, it didn`t
happen,but he did recieve a " very handsome gold watch". in closing i might add working for the
K & I the last 38 years of their 101-year existence was most fulfilling and i will always
cherish it.

well, that was Bennet H. Young`s speech in 1912 and he died 7 years later, in 1919 at age
76. his last years were in a mansion along Dixie Highway in shively. he had bought what was
known as Clover Hill and renamed it Youngland. MR.W.S.Culbertson of new albany died in 1982,
had made his fortune in dry goods, and was reputed to be the richest man in the state of
indiana. his mansion in new albany still stands and now a museum.