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The following section is on a 1922 carmen strike with people running around
wearing holsters. there was no union on the K & I until 1919. this strike lasted
three months with the K&I A continuing operating . I found thede negatives in
a dusty long forgotten envelope and found out the lady wearing the gun and holster
on the steps of the K&I old mansion headquarters was none other than the WIFE of
president W.S. campbell. this waqs in 1922 and in 1926 she bore a daughter,
and then died in 1929 during a flue epidemic when the daughter was only three
years old. her daughter is now Agnes (Campbell) johnson and the wife of a doctor
in Scottsdale Arizona. she had never seen these photos of her mother and took
great pleasur in showing her eight grand children photos of their "pistol
packing Great crand mother.

there is one other interesting thing i found in the K & I history. When the
K & I issued in 1911 a lot of fifty year " Gold Bonds " that would mature
in 1961 that had financed the building of the double track second (and presednt day)
bridge, a group of investers in england sued the K & I IN THE 1960`S take up of
these bonds. they said their bonds said redeemable in gold at the 1960`s price
of gold which would have been a much greater amount of money. how ever the courts
ruled against them because England had went off the gold standard in 1931 and the
currency rate governed as redeemable rate from point on.