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California Rail 2020 Conference

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Report by Carl Morrison,


Speaker Notes (In order of their appearance at the conference):

  1. Conference Announcement

  2. Richard Dial, IBI Group, Progress on the LOSSAN Corridor

  3. Pat Montague, Board of Directors, NARP Region 12, Building a Dynamic Rail Passenger Movement

  4. Panel, "Public Needs Versus Crowded Tracks":

    • Lea Simpson, Capital Projects North, Caltrans Div. of Rail

    • Richard Tolmach,  TRAC President

    • Hon. Hannah-Beth Jackson, former State Assembly Member
    • David Solow, Metrolink Chief Executive Officer
  1. Keynote Speaker:  Gil Carmichael, Senior Chairman, Intermodal Transportation Institute, University of Denver, The Case for Interstate II:  Interstates of Steel.

  2. Gerald Francis, GM Rail Operations, LACMTA, California's Biggest Fleet Grows Some More.

  3. Wayne Williams, Designing Modern Rail for the New Millenium.

  4. Elections and Closing Notes.

Sound files of this conference were made by Richard Hamilton ( of Let's Talk Trains and can be found at under "Show List"

Specifically, Richard says, Here is the link:

The six parts are listed on that page but as more shows are added (each week) it will move down the list... look for the "CalRail 2020" show listing.