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California Rail 2020 Conference

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Report by Carl Morrison,

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Wayne Williams DSC06153.jpgWayne Williams, spoke on Designing Modern Rail for the New Millennium

The greatest costs for railroads are operations and maintenance, and therefore the biggest areas of needed efficiency.

Wayne covered:  Issues in FRA Passenger Car Structures, Structural Safety vs. Crash Worthiness, Crash Worthiness vs. Crash Avoidance.

To get rail customers you must offer 3 "Cs":  Cost, Comfort and Convenience.

He showed excellent slides of "Real World Field Experiences."

His Significant New Technologies slides included the ability to remove overhead electrified wires for trolleys by 'lighting up' only the sections of the track on which trolleys are traveling, accomplished in other countries.  Automated Maintenance systems to read profile and flange height.   Non-FRA Compliant Vehicle Designs (used successfully in Europe).  Satellite Communications with trains.

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